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Nov 6, 2015 (Mountain View, CA) -- Alphabet, Inc., announced today that their line of smartphones had been hit with a malicious strain of malware that was impossible to remove, once loaded onto the phone. The malware, known as "Android," has impacted all smartphones sold by Google and Samsung. As this malware is impossible to remove, the only known cure for it is for the consumer to throw their Google phone away and buy an Apple iPhone.
I just bought a 5c for my daughter as a Christmas present. I like it a lot and I think it's a great phone. I wouldn't buy one for myself because the colors are too pastel. They really needed to have more masculine colors in the mix; at least a black one.
Apple has to diversify to break the Mac out of the niche that it's in. It only makes sense that Tim Cook would visit Valve personally, after so many Apple reps went there and nothing ever materialized from it. Cook isn't going to disappear, like so many before him did. Steve Jobs did not get gaming at all. He famously was against games being developed for the Mac at launch. In fact, if you applied to be a Mac developer in 1984 and told them you wanted to develop games,...
When you baby sat him, did he have trouble finding you?
It may be another year before Apple formally addresses the Kindle Fire threat. The Fire is a nice toy, but the Fire only emphasizes what a value the iPad is. Amazon is working hard to bring the next version of the Fire out this year, but if they are going to maintain the budget price, they are going to have to cut corners again.
I'd love to see Apple roll in DLNA support as well.
iTunes Match "blesses" all of your bootleg MP3's and gives you legal covering.
Oh great, another screen size for Android developers to support. :P
I don't think that's a "benefit" per se. Board members need to be familiar with all of the company's products first-hand.
It's just another delivery channel for Amazon content. My iPhone has replaced my car stereo as my music player of choice, and it's frequently my e-reader at lunch. Plus, consider that part of the appeal of the iPad and iPhone is that Apple is building an ecosystem of iOS devices that all work together, and they drive sales for each other. That's a helluva good place to be, and Amazon is green with envy.
New Posts  All Forums: