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Thank Jean Louis Gasse for Steve Jobs's return to Apple. Apple was looking at both NeXT and BeOS. Gil Amelio and the Apple board thought that they could pick up BeOS on the cheap, and made them an offer. In their negotiations with Be, Gasse pushed the price higher. Gasse wanted $200 million, and Apple believed that BeOS was only worth $125 million. So an exasperated Apple punted Be and made an offer of $429 million to NeXT, instead, which they believed to be the more...
Well said.
Flash has become one of those religious crusades that Jobs was famous for. It would be nice to have Flash available. I would like it to work in Safari the way FlashBlock works in Firefox; you see an icon for a Flash element, and click on it if you really want to view it. An Apple TV with a Blu-Ray drive would be nice. I wasn't aware that all Macs didn't already have HDMI support. In 2011, how can this be? Safari on ATV would be nice; apps are a necessity. I have no doubt...
I'm not sure they're under pressure to fill it immediately. By this time of the year, their blueprint for the 2011 Christmas season should be in place and is being rolled out. Just yesterday there was a story about in-store pickup of online orders and an app for self-checkouts. They might have a six month window before they really feel the pressure to fill the role, and I'm sure they'll have someone long before then.
Wish you could just plug in a keyboard or a guitar and record it without an expensive accessory. I also wish their iOS apps included their tutorial videos.
You might be jumping the gun a little. Considering how profitable Apple is these days and how high-profile they are, they will attract the best of the best applicants to fill the role.
against cancer surgery Ok, that was terrible... but I seriously wonder how many good things are going to happen now that Jobs is gone? He had great vision for creating awesome products, but he could also oppose great/common sense ideas with a religious fervor.
I'd love to see this concept work. But having worked in retail management, I know that it's just going to making managing shrinkage that much harder. Then again, every time I pass by the Apple Store, I'm amazed at how many salespeople they have who are just standing around, who can keep an eye on things.
I think the Wii U doesn't go far enough. The controllers are touchscreen tablet-like devices, but not standalone portable consoles. Why? That, I believe, is where they should be going. The tablet becomes their replacement for the DS line, and then becomes the controller for the Wii U. Make the controller a PERSONAL device, so that each gamer takes ownership of their own. Apple is in a perfect position to exploit iOS in this way. Already there are games that use the...
A few things I want from Siri: * Access to Settings features ("Turn off Bluetooth") * Launching apps and making API's available to developers ("Open Pandora and play Aerosmith") * Reading web pages ("Read this page to me")
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