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Steve told me not to ask what Steve would have done. So does that mean that I ignore that and ask what Steve would have done? I'm so confused! :P
The deciphering of your voice actually takes place on Nuance's servers; that's why Siri only works when it has internet access. Mobile processors simply don't have the processing power to handle that in real time. I believe desktop systems are capable of handling it, though. Hopefully in a few years, mobile platforms will have the power to do all of the voice recognition without using a remote server.
Good points. Tim Cook has proven that he can compete on price, and we know that the iPad has a generous enough profit margin that Apple could drop the price if they wanted to and still make money. I don't think that it's a question of "IF" Apple will drop the prices on the iPads to compete with Android and Win 8 tablets, but a question of "HOW SOON"?
Actually, you gave me an idea there... Put Siri on an iPod Nano, add cellphone network support, and you have the perfect iPhone Mini.
I keep seeing people talking about that, and I have to disagree. Granted, I use my 3GS as my primary camera because it's always with me. But the one feature that is lacking on cell phone cameras is optical zoom. For example, when my son is out on the football field, I can't zoom in on him, I have to take a wide shot of the field. More megapixels and higher quality images can offset the lack of this feature somewhat, by allowing you to zoom in and crop (at a loss of image...
Personally, I think it's a good thing that AT&T is investing more in Android. If Apple is too closely partnered with AT&T, then they have to look out for AT&T's best interests when developing features. If the iPhone is just one of many phones that AT&T sells, then Apple has more freedom to innovate in ways that AT&T might not like. I'm glad that Android is the number one smartphone OS; it keeps Apple hungry to be number 2, and causes them to innovate a lot more.
I just go straight to the Comments page for every article, since it reprints the article in full minus the graphics and the ads. I read AI at work, and I don't want the big, splashy images on my monitor that AI likes to put in their stories.
"Siri, what's the best way to jailbreak my iPhone?"
Wow, that Siri is powerful... it will even bing Alicia Keys for you. Some tasks I think I'd like to reserve for myself, though....
I think you have several services now that will be roughly the same in terms of content quality -- Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. Some newer titles, tons of older titles. It really depends on which service's content set most closely matches your interests. The only thing Netflix doesn't offer yet is a pay-per-view model, but you can supplement that with Blockbuster's website.
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