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Yeah, I didn't really mean to imply that it should be a one-man show. Even Jobs in the last few years have been emphasizing the involvement of other Apple execs.
Of course he had to let the cat out of the bag. For just once in his life, he wanted to be right about SOMETHING! Might be time for the board to pull a Tipper and ditch his ass, though.
I doubt Jobs will make an appearance. Cook needs to demonstrate that he can run the show all by himself.
Actually, yeah... when the iPhone launched for $600, did you imagine that within three years there would have been a $50 iPhone? I think Tim Cook knows how to play to win.
The reason Dell can't compete is that Apple spends twice what Dell spends on R&D. Worse for Dell, they have a buttload more products to do R&D on than Apple does; Dell is the "kitchen sink" manufacturer, trying to cover every possible form factor. Apple is very focused on a select few product lines.Yeah, but since Apple has retired the low-end MacBook line, they can cut the price on the Air if they need to without fear of cannibalizing sales. From what I've read, it seems...
But the MacBook Air uses Intel chips! So, if Intel lowers the price of their chips, then the MacBook Air can go lower on price.
My kids have 7" tablets... I load them up with iCarly videos, and it works for them. They watch while laying in bed or riding in the car. Beyond the kid market, the 7" form factor just feels like an oversized smartphone/undersized tablet to me.
Actually, the headline is correct... Googorola will start cranking out tablets to compete with the iPad. All their other partners have failed them, so Google has to step up to the plate to take a swing at Apple.
Apple loves lines, they generate great press Me, I don't do lines... I'll wait the extra week or two (if I have to) by ordering online.
iPhone 4 Still The Top Selling Smartphone In US
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