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Based on the rumors, will there be much difference between the 5 and the 4s, aside from the screen size?
So, Apple is going to be selling 3 different iPhone models at once? Sweet! Just like they had a product matrix for the iPod, they need one for the iPhones. A pay-as-you-go phone, a low-end contract phone, and a 4" pro model.
Keep in mind, though, that the company with the best tech on the market isn't the winner. The company that's making the most profit wins, and right now the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS are the top two smartphones on the market. Us tech geeks may wail that the iPhone isn't being updated frequently enough or that it doesn't have the latest, greatest features, but the market as a whole is rewarding Apple for their strategy. It's hard to argue that Apple should change course...
A year is too long to wait for the 5. As a 3GS user, the 4s still represents a pretty good upgrade. I just really want that 4" screen. I'm to the point of thinking that Apple is intentionally leaking 4s stuff so that the 5 will be a huge surprise. Does it seem like Apple is not sending out a lot of C&D letters?
I'm a longtime Apple fan, and was a big critic of Windows 8 when it was announced... it didn't make sense, combing desktop and touchscreen OS's (still doesn't really, but I'll get to that in a moment). I watched the keynote for the Build conference yesterday, and came away fairly impressed. What I like about Metro is that it is a completely re-imagined touchscreen interface, and not simply an iOS clone *cough*Android*cough*. I think that Windows 8 tablets may be the...
Wow, you really should have waited for the iGallBladder that Apple is rumored to release soon.
You can't run legacy Windows apps. But developers can re-compile their apps to run on ARM processors, if they so choose. So, you won't see a lot of high-end apps being recompiled for tablets, any more than you see such apps being reworked to run on netbooks. Windows 8 PC's will run all tablet/Metro apps. Metro tablets will only run Metro apps and recompiled PC apps. Running legacy apps, however, means dropping out of the Metro interface and switching to the legacy...
I'm not an iOS developer, but my understanding is that Flash can compile the app into a native format, so that it's not actually running Flash.
The article takes the anti-Flash angle, but not supporting plug-ins, period is a big deal. That also means no Skype plug-in or any other plug-ins. Not that IE was ever great with plug-ins; they had some basic functionality, but I don't think they ever really took it to the level of Firefox's Add-on extensibility, did they? MS has been wanting to dump Flash for years; Apple gave them the excuse to do it. They sought to replace Flash with Sliverlight, which I assume will...
If Apple releases iOS 5 at the same time they announce the iPhone 5, then they will be expecting iOS 5 to provide much of the "wow factor" of the new phone. If they release them separately, then the iPhone 5 will have to have enough features to stand on its own.
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