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Only if it's on the 4G/LTE network. If the iPhone 5 doesn't include LTE, then no, you won't be able to talk and surf at the same time on Verizon. It's a limitation of the carrier's network, not of the phone.
This can't be easy for AT&T... think of all those monthly contracts expiring (several months' worth now), and how much of an exodus there will be to Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. This is the first opportunity that 3GS owners have to leave AT&T (and still be on the iPhone).
That photo looks like porn for Apple fanboy bondage fetishes.
I was thinking the same thing... this is all feeling very "last minute," like Apple is trying to resolve some lingering issues. I also suspect that Apple will be permanently moving the annual iPhone launch to Sept/Oct, in order to match the expiring contracts of their customers.
lol, the take-away from this for the Apple fan sites is that she sent it from her iPad.
You can have any color you want, as long as it's either white or black.
Once Kodak sells off their digital imaging patents, it seems that their glory days will be far behind them. Kodak was the best at chemical imaging; it's hard to imagine that that industry will continue in any capacity, when high-end digital cameras are reaching 24 megapixels. Let's face it; a long-term strategy for Kodak would be in licensing the rights to use those patents, not selling them wholesale, and continuing to innovate in the field of digital imaging. Selling...
I refuse to accept that this is the iPhone 5... I WANT MY 4" SCREEN!!!
The name App Store would not be in our collective consciousness if Jobs and Apple had not put it there. Nobody would be fighting to market their own App Store except that Apple made the term popular.
Actually, I have experience with several options... WD TV Live, Apple TV, Roku, a Windows Media Server PC, and an XBox 360. The PC, of course, offers the best/most options, but at the highest cost. Ditch the WMS portion and run XBMC, and alt-tab to a web browser for Netflix, Hulu, or just about anything else out there. The XBox 360... well, you're stuck using Microsoft's media server again, and all the limitations/clunkiness that go with that. No Thanks. Roku has built-in...
New Posts  All Forums: