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I just bought my girlfriend a WD TV Live with a 1 TB drive in it for her birthday, even though she has an iPhone 4 and plans to buy an iPad soon. Why? Because the Apple TV lacks storage, and it lacks the codecs to play non-Apple videos. I know Apple will continue to be stubborn about adding storage to the Apple TV, but without the ability to store and play non-iTunes content, it's really of limited value right now.
He's gonna make up for it by becoming rich at a young age.
Unless the offer was just a ruse to get him to California, and they slap the cuffs on him as soon as he walks in the front door.
Not necessary. The only reason Jobs asked for a $1 salary was because he became CEO when Apple was near death. I'd like to see Tim Cook receive a compensation package that rewards him according to Apple's performance under his leadership.
I'm expecting the iPhone 5 to knock it out of the park. Because Tim Cook now has to prove that the post-Jobs Apple is a fighter.
Chairman of the Board is an honorary position, and being a board member doesn't leave the company in the lurch if he dies. If he miraculously recovers, then he doesn't have to fight to get back into a position of power.
As I see it, Apple is good for the next few years. They can just go through rounds of maintenance upgrades on their existing products -- faster processor, more megapixels, more resolution, more storage, etc -- while keeping their ear to the ground for new features to add in. Steve may have even laid out the plans for a new product category or two. If that's the case, I give it five years before they truly reach the end of the Steve Jobs era. The real question is,...
In any security attack, you have to consider how quickly a virus or malware can spread in determining how much of a threat they really are to the platform.When Word macro viruses first hit the scene, they spread like wildfire because they ran as soon as you opened the infected Word doc. And they infected the main template file for Word, and jumped to every Word document you opened. Businesses passed around millions of Word doc every day, so the threat level was extremely...
Like the one Dell just killed for lack of consumer interest?
Not sure why Apple Insider is calling the upgraded phone the 4S when the article they link to is calling it the iPhone 5.
New Posts  All Forums: