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As we've seen, the iPad is very price competitive; Android manufacturers are cranking out 7" tablets that are priced the same as Apple's 10" device. I'm willing to bet that Apple has a lot more room to drop tablet prices than anyone else.
Funny thing was, I was on Verizon's website yesterday comparing iPhone plans... not only did they not have a pic of the iPhone on the home page, but I didn't see an iPhone until I was several pages in, looking at all of the available smartphones. Seems odd for such a hot selling product.
BestBuy has approximately 1200 retail outlets (plus websites) to sell equipment through. That's roughly 200 units per storefront, which sounds extremely high.
I'm ordering my iPhone 5 with a white headphone jack!
Yes, and then the accessories manufacturers would have to sell totally redesigned watchbands to all of their customers. I doubt they would be complaining.
Agree 100%. Apple's not going to expend a tremendous engineering effort that maybe 1% of their users will find useful. More likely is a small form factor projector that will wirelessly receive a signal from an iOS device.In fact, combine this with another rumor; the base charger that Apple is working on that can wirelessly charge from up to a meter away, and you see an opportunity for a range of complimentary wireless products that Apple could be working on.
PREDICTION: The iPhone 5 and 4S will launch in North America and various countries in September, and will launch in Asia in October.It doesn't make sense for Apple to hold two separate events so closely related, so close together. When has Jobs ever done that? Everything will be revealed in September, with certain products not available overseas until October; that's the way Jobs has done it before.
That's funny, aren't Apple's prices the same as when they first launched the iPad?
The under-the-hood stuff would make a lot of sense; having similar API's and similar file systems. I don't ever see Apple offering users the option of installing iOS on their MacBook Air, though. Not gonna happen. Unlike Windows 8, the two interfaces will remain completely separate. Apple is taking some of the best ideas from their iOS research and merging them into OS X, but it won't go beyond that.
Emulating a different CPU architecture takes a major speed hit, though, so an A6 MacBook Air running x86 software under emulation would feel really slow. Does Apple really want to ship a Mac that is incompatible with all the software the other Macs are using? I agree with what someone else said; if Apple is going to use the A6 in Macs, they'll transition ALL Macs over to it. But, I don't see that happening. Being able to run Windows x86 software on your Mac at native...
New Posts  All Forums: