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Hi, Could not find much docs on imageCapture service other than. http://developer.apple.com/library/m...roduction.html I propose that this thread be helpful for whomsoever. So my query is, I wish to write a scanner and a custom Image Capture Application. How do i start with writing a scanner which "broadcasts" the imageCaptureService ?. http://developer.apple.com/library/m...uid/TP40006079 And How do i write an application which listens to such...
Thanks for that info. Made sense now.
Well obviously i'm new to this language, stumbled upon this doubt which i hope it will get cleared here . Reffering http://developer.apple.com/library/m...s/Copying.html. Under title : "Copying and Mutability" I'm unable to understand what is meant here by deeper levels, or surface levels of copying. can anyone explain ?... Thanks in advance .
I dont want to pay. are there any other places.
Looking for forums to discuss/Troubleshoot MacOS development, any suggestions ?. ..
Will Lion be available via s/w update from 10.6 ?. Time back 10.6 was available on s/w update from 10.5. will it be the same with lion when it releases in a few days ?... Really hope so it will. If not, if i buy 1 Lion can I install it on all my macs ?.
Lion Complex - Too many new features, takes time to get used to. Lion Complex - Makes work done faster, Mission control is WoW!, would have loved it if the space' thumbnail be all round the screen. Full Screen is very useful, esp with browsing- many webpages are without any "page" boundaries. And well i cant afford a 27". Image/sound editing apps could use all the space on screen they can get, simply an advantage for programmers & users.
well I'm using Lion on the 2.66(c2du). 4 gb. Lion works well. Give it a shot - install in a new partition. You wouldnt find any much delay with "browsing", infact doing stuff will be faster'Mission Ctrl. If u plan for development - then wait a while.
Wondering if there is any way to download these WWDC 2011 session videos ?. My itunes always shows a network connection failed error - Fed up here.
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