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Thanks for the responses guys, I have strange tale for you. After the feedback I got I decided I was simply going to build a new iMac 27" with an upgraded 3.4 processor and leave the video card at 1024ram. Then when online I noticed a refurb unit with exactly the spec I was going to have built but nearly £300 cheaper. So, I decided to buy it quickly. It arrived yesterday and had the 3.4 processor upgrade as expected BUT in addition it also had an upgrade to a 2TB...
No, the ram is coming from crucial. I certainly wouldn't pay Apple prices for that.
I am contemplating getting a new build your own iMac 27" with an upgrade to the i7 processor and 16gb ram. however I am wondering if I should also upgrade the graphics card to the 2Gb version. I do not play games on my Mac but would want to run two additional monitors through the thunderbolt ports. What benefits would upgrading the graphics do for me? Thanks for any advice.
Hi, I currently own an early 2008 iMac with a 3.06 Core 2 duo processor, 4gb ram. I am deliberating over upgrading to the new 27" iMac 3.4 i7 with 16gb ram, but my main strugle is the fact that the 27" form factor has been around now for about two years and it would appear that typically Apple change the form factor on a 2-3 year cycle. So, my question is, is now a good time to change or am I likely to regret it come early 2012? Would appreciate any input.
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