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  He uploaded bending test for Galaxy Note 3 an hour ago.  
Has Judge Koh invalidated any Apple patent?  I think she has not and never intended to, helping local Apple all the way.
Oh No!! the rear facing camera sticks out, like Sammy's.  (Phtoshopped here?)   http://blogs.wsj.com/personal-technology/2014/09/09/iphone-6-and-iphone-6-plus-a-look-at-the-specs/
 I watched all clips including Apple's, thanks to you! I actually like Sammy ads more.  They are not quite different than my wife, a Note 3 owner.   Sorry to say you to all, but I don't understand what Apple is saying in that Apple ad.  And most of all, why AI is running Sammy campaign?  LOL
An example of Apple trying to patent every single ideas with its big pocket while stealing or adopting great ideas & features created by others.  And most of you here pretending 'what a great idea, never thought of that!' or something like it.  Apple, Just make great products as you do and cut this nonsense plz. 
 I think Apple should initiate settlement with Samsung now, before Samsung appeal goes ahead (A Sammy lawyer said they would appeal).  Tide has turned against Apple, it seems.  
Best result for Apple. Jury did not invalidate any of Apple patents.
I understand that was a damage retrial, not about whether Sammy infringed Apple's IPs.  And since then, I think, they appealed the first case.
I said I never seen anyone confused with plastic Galaxy.  That anyone includes, young, old, too old, geeks, non-geeks & etc, but not me.  Not confused and all got what they wanted.  And who are those confused people? The first jury trial verdict would hardly guaranty fact.  And I don't think Samsung admitted they infringed Apple's IPs.  
Nope you obviously confused Galaxy with Goophone.  I never seen anyone confused with plastic Galaxy.
New Posts  All Forums: