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  http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=2012082510525390 Come back to your comment then.     http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/kirby_ferguson_embrace_the_remix.html#t=5m00s
  Thanks for the links.  I too think Apple users should see this and insist Apple to copy (I mean innovate).
  Agreed.   This BS from Apple is about stifling healthy competition and all they want is monopoly, this is NOT about protecting their IPs.     Otherwise, Apple would have been chasing this; http://micgadget.com/12958/the-best-iphone-4-knockoff-yet/
LOL, you are so funny. Thanks
I think this is a perfect prior art example for the socalled iPad patent. If you see the full video clip, you will see that it goes further than rectangular with rounded corners. It is basically the whole product concept of iPad.
I think the Judge Koh sees that Apple will loose as Sammy started pouring out evidences, that's why she suggested a peace talk.  Or she may have been consulted by Apple for it?  Not sure, maybe she has done that for the benefit of her country, USA.
  Looking at your comment here and your 'Location', you are here to discredit Korea and Samsung altogether.  Good luck with that.   By the way, Tallest Skill made a fair comment at #21. "Koh is an American judge of Korean descent. Just as I am an American of Swiss-Irish descent. I consider myself neither Swiss nor Irish."
The irony is that Jeff Han is also from Korea.  Apple is battling with a Korean company in a Korean Judge court with a technology developed by Korean.     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_Han
I am laughing all the way.   Sorry shareholders, this is not a 'copy cat' doc as the title suggests, at least not yet.  I think Apple lawyers would have hard time proving that.   I honestly don't know why you are saying this report proves copying?  Or, is it because you, as Apple shareholders, are working in this site promoting your goods (shares)?
  Take that assumption 'Sammy is copying Apple' away for a moment and read again.     Of course, if you truly like some aspects of competition, then you would want yours be more like them.  Does this translate to 'copy'?   BTW, this report analyses Galaxy S and iPhone and made suggestions after Sammy marketed Galaxy S obviously.  Can you tell me any Sammy smartphone since Galaxy S that looks alike iPhone any more than Galaxy S?  You can not prove that Sammy is copying...
New Posts  All Forums: