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So, basically all evidence of prior art re Apple patents are excluded by the Judge in the court.  It is simple not fair.  Yes, I think, the Judge has already made herself it to be a mistrial.   Samsung can not present crucial evidence that they did not copy Apple.  Samsung could not present perfect and legitimate prior art evidence against Apple patent.  Hilarious. 
  I thought China is a growing market for Apple.  Even though it is not, Apple should protect its IP there in China.  Not?
Here is one of the real knock offs Apple should knock down.  Have a fun everybody.
  You are saying Apple case is not about rectangular shape with rounded corners?  The following is one of the Apple patents in this case.   http://www.google.com/patents?id=6BsWAAAAEBAJ&pg=PA2&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=4#v=onepage&q&f=false   What else do you see there?  Please also explain me what are the remarkably detailed design patents with this.   It has been precisely this rectangular with rounded corners all the time since more than a year ago, but suddenly...
  So, you are saying that Apple does not own rectangular shape with rounded coners, shiny metal look rim and home button.  Good.
  Are you saying that Apple spent most R&D in smartphone?  Really?  Samsung said in their trial brief that they spent 35 billion over 3 years (2005 to 2008, I think) in real technology not like Apple registering multiple design patents for the same products. You know that there has not been many products by Apple, so many many patents were just design patents that never eventuated, (extremly vague drawing patents just like so called Ipad design patents.)  This Apple...
Wrong post!. one up mate.
  No I did not mean that Apple should forget about protecting IP.  If you see the Apple some of those patents seen in the media, however, do seem to be too obvious to be patented.  I agree with you that copying prevents innovation (no one has been against that here in fact)
    If Samsung actually called themselves aApple or their products IFon, then I agree with you.  Or you mean you can not have beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions in your bugger in US?
  Sorry if I offended you.     But then how much Apple wants?  $110 billion is not enough?  How much Apple is investing R&D on their income?  I read somewhere that Samsung is investing tens of billiions every year, but how much by Apple?   Again what exactly Samsung copied Apple?  If Samsung copied (I dont know yet), what Apple has been doing?  Are you sure Apple is not copying.  If yes, how do you know?   Are you saying Samsung is not innovating?
New Posts  All Forums: