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I liked and actually enjoyed your comments even though I did not agree with you.  But, you are pouring out full of nonsense in this comment.     How about this? Regardless of how one feels about their Apple's ethics, their stealing of Apple's IP other's has clearly been highly profitable and has given them a production-level understanding of how to build superior handsets that other Android-based vendors can't match.(stealing, a quote by SJ)
Hahaha, you are joking right?  You and Koh gave me the best laugh this year.  What a joke!!!
Maybe not on your planet. It called the EARTH, lol.
So, what would be the irreparable harm that Apple would suffer when PI was not given?
According to Bloomberg Business Week, the Judge Koh said in the ruling that   “As Samsung itself concedes, the injunction will cause Samsung minimal harm because it has other tablet products on the market,”   So, the Judge acknowledges that there would be minimal harm to Apple if PI was not awarded to Apple.  So where is the irreparable harm to Apple?
What does mobile browser mean here?  How was it surveyed?  Desktop viewing on mobile device also included in here?  Anyone has got the link, so that anyone could read the original?   Or are we bitching Android based on an unscientific random survey?
  Apple was not arguing about the back of Galaxy Tab.  If you care to see, their back is made of cheap plastic with their big SAMSUNG logo in the middle whereas IPad is made of beautiful aluminum with Apple log in the middle and iPad logo at the bottom.  So, the Samsung Digital Photo Frame claim stands imo.  
US Patent system screwed up by Apple likes.   http://www.i-programmer.info/news/83-mobliephone/4441-the-four-patents-that-apple-used-against-galaxy-nexusa-programmer-reads-the-patents.html
Don't be mad, I am not suggesting anything about Google. You just keep reading me wrong. My Galaxy Nexus does not lag.BTW, what was I wrong about?
Lying? I don't know but I am not. Probably you did not read me properly. Yes, if you put resource hungry applications, then Galaxy Nexus might lag some as you know it's specs are not top end, not even matched with Galaxy S2. Again, you can optimize it to you requirement. If you want touch experience with less lag like iPhone, then you could do it by customizing Nexus just like iPhone. I think if iOS allows widgets and live wallpapers, iPhone would lag too.
New Posts  All Forums: