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Lol. Maybe you are not living in real world.A lot of courts what? Please provide me with links. (sorry, you tend to say something as facts but you do not back your claims with any plausible links)
Galaxy Nexus is nothing like iPhone 4s. You should take Samsung out of this case. They are in no way at fault, if there is any.Disappointed iPhone 4s, I settled with Galaxy Nexus. Perfect phone really. All my iPhone friends examine my beauty with amused look every time they get hand on it. I think ICS already killed IOS. JB (jelly bean) with Sammy would certainly proof-kill next iPhone, IMO.Apple knows that, so this. (Can not compete? Litigate) nothing else really
Tallest Skil,   visit following link and READ the spec.   http://www.engadget.com/2006/03/09/samsung-digital-picture-frame-stores-pics-movies-music/
    SolipsismX,   No, that was a quite logical comment by dasanman69.  You can not say that photo frame is nothing like IPad.  Designwise, they are almost the same.  Technowise, they are similar but IPad has more features and thin form factor due to mainly technological improvements by others like Samsung over the 4 year difference.
Agreed.  Good on them both sharing pointless victories.  A great marketing strategy and way to block competition, by the way.
I would not normally recommend IPhone. But, I am not sure moving to a Galaxy would work for you as you are surrounded by family members with iPhones. In my experience, bluetoothing between Apple and non-Apple did not work (maybe Apple blocked non-Apple). I can teather my Galaxy Nexus as a Wifi hotspot on 3g and use my IPad 2 (wifi version) on the go, but probably Apple 3g teathering is not comparable with non-Apple. I think, there would be some more comparability...
  1. Samsung marketed above digital photo frame in 2006 2. In 2010, Apple marketed Ipad with remakably similar design with the Samsung photo frame. 3. In early 2011, Samsung introduced Galaxy Tab with the same design with their 2006 digital photo frame. 4. Later, Apple started saying Samsung copied Ipad design in Galaxy Tab. (!@#$%^&*)   And some of us are still beleiving Samsung copied Ipad design in GT? (!@#$%^&*)
    And why is Samsung doing exceptionally well in this area?  Is it somehow related their plastic builds?
Well members, this copycat caims again.  Getting bored really, just like my IPad which became an expensive toy for my kids.   Why you bother this much?  Without Samsung, you probably would not have been enjoying some of your beloved products which is boring and way passed by competitors in every aspects.   IMO, calling Samsung 'copycat' was one of the most stupid things to say by SJ. 
    fuwafuwa,   Its me again. I just found a Youtube video clip that compares iPhone 4s, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2 in terms of screen display. Worth have a look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8PQYgw62vY
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