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    And why is Samsung doing exceptionally well in this area?  Is it somehow related their plastic builds?
Well members, this copycat caims again.  Getting bored really, just like my IPad which became an expensive toy for my kids.   Why you bother this much?  Without Samsung, you probably would not have been enjoying some of your beloved products which is boring and way passed by competitors in every aspects.   IMO, calling Samsung 'copycat' was one of the most stupid things to say by SJ. 
    fuwafuwa,   Its me again. I just found a Youtube video clip that compares iPhone 4s, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2 in terms of screen display. Worth have a look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8PQYgw62vY
Um. I am not sure about that. You maybe right. But I cannot see pixels with my phone, maybe my eye sight is not very good. To me dpi is not an issue and i was just replying and commenting to Tallest Skill.
Hahaha, I am honoured.  It does not look like it but I put consideration arranging icons into folders.  I do not have any trouble finding what I want.  I dont think it depends on the DPI and phone size.  FYI, my Galaxy Nexus dpi is 316, not better than iPhone but it is ok.  And the screen size is 4.65 inch.  I dont have to zoom in for full websites on horizontal view.
Yes, but thats just me.  LOL... I want easy access with my applications on my phone.  So, I put everything into this main home screen.  My widgets (schedue, note, email, PA, galary, music player widgets, equaliser and etc) and some applications are placed in other screens. 
You do not need to root your phone with ICS as it is still amazing.  There are plenty customisation or personalisation options available on Google Play.  This is my Galaxy Nexus home screen which I took just before. Mine is not rooted. Back ground is a live wallpaper called Planet Pack from Maxelus and application titles are deleted using Desktop Visualizer.    
  I am sure he was talking about ICS.  But, why are you defending Apple itself?  Have you even used any Android with ICS?  Their OSs have DEFINETELY improved and I think ICS surpassed iOS already.  I think you should thank Google for that since Apple WILL improve on their iOS hopfully in iPhone 5.  My preschoolers love iOS, but not me because it is too simple and boring.  Galaxy Nexus rocks!  It does more than what iPhone does and see what the owners are doing...
The appeal court did not grant preliminary injunction itself, rather forcing Koh to grant PI instead, or it looks like it. She might have to as her job maybe on the line as a judge.Why not the appeal judges grant PI itself if they are confident the patent is valid and Galaxy Tab violated? To me, Koh is being bullied. I would not want to reverse my decision if I think I am right.I think Koh is right because it is too obvious. I also think the IPad design patent is...
Sure Sammy phones may not smooth as Iphones, but much better than boring IOS. Dont get me wrong I like IOS, but just not better than Android to me.
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