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Sure Sammy phones may not smooth as Iphones, but much better than boring IOS. Dont get me wrong I like IOS, but just not better than Android to me.
I have 4.65inch phone my wife has got 5.3inch. We both operate one hand when calling and reading emails, but use both hands when texting, playing games, viewing phtos, playing video clips and etc. Are you doing differently with your 3.5 inch phone?
Disappointed with S4, I settled with Galaxy Nexus instead. Nexus has got 4.65inch with 316ppi and comes with ICS. This is not bulky at all comparing with Iphone 4s with a case. It fits nicely in my pocket and 'I barely know it's there' as well. Am I happy with my Nexus? Initialy no as I was only camparing with my wife's Galaxy Note (5.3inch). I was disappointed with Nexus due to smaller size, but then I have gradually liked Nexus more because of ICS. Yes I am happy...
Good points! I appreciate your comment.
Sure No, it wont fit in small back pocket, in fact I would not even try to put any smartphone in back pocket. But it fits in my all trouser pockets all though I feel the largeness. By the way, it is not just a phone that simply works, but it is much more than that with 5.3inch Super Amoled hd resultion screen with supporting specs. No you can not manage it with your thumb, but with freedom they provide I think people will looking at this option. Again I think, Apple...
Sure, Wacom should get credit for it, but it is Samsung that put it in their product. Hence I called it inovation by Samsung. Yes it is too large for a phone, but not too large for a smartphone. It fits in my all trousers pockets (it does not in all lady jeans, but then they always carry small bag anyway).
You mean the stylus that can be used on glass with presure sensitiveness on smartphone? You have to admit that this is great innovation by Samsung. Although it is not perfect (being slipery on glass with plastic tip), it is a great tool. Sure it is a too big for a phone and too small for tablet. I am not arguing this. But, it is not too big for a smartphone. And with full HD resolution, it is not too small for a tablet. Having used it for almost 3 months, this is the...
Still the stylus is not a main form of input. It is a great extra tool that is realy useful in everyday life.
GN Spen is not perfect, but it is a really great tool. Only issue with GN Spen from us is that it is a bit slippery to write on the glass. There are some digitized pens compatible to Galaxy Note. I am looking at one particular pen that comes with several different tips. I am sure that some screen protectors will be available especially for stylus devices. I bought Galaxy Note for my wife about 3month ago. I can tell you that this is best smartphone available.
This commercial does not seem to communicate with viewers. Not a good commercial. I bought my wife a white Galaxy Note almost 3 month ago. She has been using it a lot and enjoying every moment. (She is still thanking me) Stylus was not perfect (quite slippery to write on glass) initially, but is ok after getting used to it. And this is the only downside so far. I am considering buying a digitized pen with different tips or screen protector especially made for...
New Posts  All Forums: