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What? No you have no point, that why I may have not responded.Just present any sources that Samsung designed, marketed or even certified smartcase ripoff. Sure Samsung may want to know that too.
Sorry mate, I have been following this since Apple started, but non of reliable sources said that Samsung designed or made that smartcase lookalike. That one has not even been certified by Samsung. Go and find out yourself.
So your reference was only from 9to5? Where is the article that says Samsung certified that design?
Interesting, where the article come from? I read that that design never been cerrified by Samsung and as soon as Samsung knew it the products were disappeared from the online site. I doubt that any of them had actually been sold. Sure if the smartcase look-a-likes were manufactured and sold by Samsung, Samsung would be penalised in the court, IMO.
Sure, it looks like it, but what Apple really wants? Without it, Samsung would not copy if they copied as Apple claimed.
Apple got design patent on their cases? Really? Patent on cases? Good on them, but I wonder what Apple really wants from this case. IMO, Apple wants to tarnish Samsung as 'Copycat' again but nothing else.
All of the people... have no clue? Dont be stupid. What if the patents Apple registered have flaws in a way that patents should not have been issued. What if Apple is abusing what it seems to be fairer patent systems by bringing this look and feel cases to COURTS? It maybe you who has no clue.
I see what you mean you do not want to spend your precious time on customisation. I got it, sure people like you need Iphone. I assumed here that you dont watch movies. I dont play with my phone during my 'precious' times. I acctualy played in my spare time during the first week and have been enjoying after that. It not only just works, but also meets my requirements.
You know. My brother-in-law told me that someone he knew gone from S2 to Iphone4. Obviously he needed a phone not a smartphone. Not all people could handdle S2 or in fact any other Samsung smartphones or android smartphones I beleive. You need to play with it to customise your requirements. Sorry for the Ace, I just notice that the Ace is 3rd.
I was responding to someone who made diehard fanboy assumptions like you ('Samsung makes good low-end smartphones and thst's it', you said), just to tell my expereince about Samsung smartphones in a hope that somehow he figure out the world is changing. By the way, have you not heard of Galaxy Note?. It flies. And recently survey in England said that Samsung had No1, No3, No7 and No8 best selling smartphones, and they are all high-end. Iphone was...
New Posts  All Forums: