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Still the stylus is not a main form of input. It is a great extra tool that is realy useful in everyday life.
GN Spen is not perfect, but it is a really great tool. Only issue with GN Spen from us is that it is a bit slippery to write on the glass. There are some digitized pens compatible to Galaxy Note. I am looking at one particular pen that comes with several different tips. I am sure that some screen protectors will be available especially for stylus devices. I bought Galaxy Note for my wife about 3month ago. I can tell you that this is best smartphone available.
This commercial does not seem to communicate with viewers. Not a good commercial. I bought my wife a white Galaxy Note almost 3 month ago. She has been using it a lot and enjoying every moment. (She is still thanking me) Stylus was not perfect (quite slippery to write on glass) initially, but is ok after getting used to it. And this is the only downside so far. I am considering buying a digitized pen with different tips or screen protector especially made for...
I also read something like this in OS news website. In that report, Apple registered hundreds of Cummunity Design mainly in drawing in EU for the products that never existed. Sure Apple did register Community Designs for some acctual products like Iphone (http://fosspatents.blogspot.com/2012...ucts-with.html) but Apple also registered multiple possible designs not eventuated (like the second Cummunity Design in above link). One other point was that the drawing Community...
Galaxy Note is a beatuful and multi functional handset whereas Ipad is a simple and easy-to-use tablet. IMHO, they serve different purposes, hence in different market. Our family use our Galaxy Note on the move. We use it as a media player for our pre-schoolers (does not need any application to play video files), camera (beautiful, we completely replaced our Sony digital camera with it), video camcorder (again, full hd quality with mp4, beautiful), navigator, tablet(no...
I see that you don't have any.
Don't get me wrong. I respond when I need to. In the forum you are referring, I intended to express my experience with our recently purchased Samsung Android phones. I may have crossed line there in your eyes. I did that because some of us here were rubbishing Samsung and Android all together. Based on my experience, they are really good. Back to the topic. Could you post any link that tells Samsung designed, manufactured, marketed or even certified that smartcase...
What? No you have no point, that why I may have not responded.Just present any sources that Samsung designed, marketed or even certified smartcase ripoff. Sure Samsung may want to know that too.
Sorry mate, I have been following this since Apple started, but non of reliable sources said that Samsung designed or made that smartcase lookalike. That one has not even been certified by Samsung. Go and find out yourself.
So your reference was only from 9to5? Where is the article that says Samsung certified that design?
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