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 No it does not overclock it's 2.3gHz CPU.  So, there is no steroid booster nor faking performance here, no matter how you translate it.
Well, when I first saw 'steroid boost', 'faking performance' in this article, I thought that Note 3 would overclock it's CPU somehow for the the benchmark apps.   But it turns out that Note 3 does not overclock it's CPU for the benchmarks.  Sure it clocks, for the benchmarks, at 2.3gHz which is exactly SD800 was advertised for.  Where is 'steroid boost' and 'faking performance'?
No, that did not happen before. We could have purchased iPhone 5 for the same price of iPhone 5c.Why killed iPhone 5? I don't know, but there maybe some major defaults in aluminium material for iPhone 5? Or Apple wants everyone buy 5s instead of iPhone 5 thus repackaging iPhone 5 with plastic and killing iPhone 5? I don't know.
 I am not sure about that with 4inch screen.
5C, I can not help but laughing all the way.  Apple just repackaged iPhone 5 with plastic and selling as a new product.
  I actually love my Galaxy Nexus.  It has 4.65 inch with super amoled pentile display.  Once you root it and flash one of stable roms and kernels, it simply flies.  You can also change colour settings if you dont like the warmer tone on the amoled screen.   Re: Hardware.  My Galaxy Nexus was one of the best.  It has clean front screen slightly curved (sits nicely in my pants).  Case is plastic but not like S3 or Note2.  Very comfortable in my hand, not blocky as iPhone...
  Motorola set marketing budget 500mil for Moto X?  Yes, I think people would certainly know its existence and 4.7 inch screen by the time iPhone 5s is introduced. 
I don't know how to put this without upsetting you AAPL shareholders.  With Moto X, iPhone market share will fall, imo.  If Apple introduce iPhone 6 with bigger screen next year, Apple may come back but it would probably be too late.   No, I am not a paid shill.
    Moto X has 4.7 inch screen with similar iPhone 5 phone size.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zwwc4zAEvo
  The underlined may be true to many iPhone 5 users.  Moto X is quite similar (a tiny bit wider) with iPhone 5 in smartphone size, but it has 4.7 inch screen size.  4 inch is just not on.
New Posts  All Forums: