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Samsung actually invests close to $10 billion every year in R&D. Compare that with millions by Apple. And they do create many unique in wide areas not just design or touch jestures. It seems that Samsung is the real tech company whereas Apple is a design company with excellence in marketing.
Never say never. Have you heard Galaxy Note? It is amazing, just youtube it. Sure it is definately not for me because it is too girlish. But if you have a girl friend or wife, I think it is perfect present for them. (I like the pen input, Samsung has vastly improved on this)
Well, this is my understanding. Douth court basically dumped most of Apple claims (9 out of 10). Ok, they awarded an injuction but not really is it? So, Apple lost. German court, yes Apple won based on the Community Design registered in 2004. Now, Samsung 1 : Apple 1. However, the Community Design would likely be invalidated by the court action by Samsung, IMHO. Australian court, yes Apple won based on some multitouch jestures. Now Samsung 2 : Apple 1. I...
Samsung might bring to Australia GT 10.2A (A for Ausie) without Apple multitouch patents, but with equivalant multitouch. I hope they do. http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/t...014-1loez.html
Only if Apple has valid patents. You need to read the article.
For god sake, have you seen the comunity design? It does not look like Ipad nor Samsung GT. It looks rather similar to tablets before 2004, see images AbsoluteDesign posted. If you look at the 'Tablet Newspapers (1994)', you can see that the Comunity Design is a copy from it. Tech companies do compete each other in certain aspects like thinness. Anything wrong with that?
What about the Dutch judge said? He basically thrown out all the look and feel claims by Apple. I read a Fullan Mul..'s article on FOSS site, even his translation I can see that the German judge discussed but implied the Community Design registered as legitimate. So, Samsung can rubbish the Cummunity Design in German Court, then this German judge decision has no relevance. Like AbsoluteDesign posted here apple tablet design was not new. Samsung might have seen the...
What are those two software patents? It seems too harsh to ban the GT just before holiday season over software related patents. Absurd software patents over monopoly? Poor Ausies, they got screwed again.
I dont think I would ever going to update this on my Ipad2. I am only using Ipad2 for webbrowsing and games in bed and as a toy for my preschool children. For me, it is not needed. It maybe just me, but I feel that there must be something else to lure exisisting Apple customer to upgrade their hardwares or to purchase something to fully utilise this IOS5. No Hurry from me.
RIP Steve
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