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Wow! I would buy a Nexus 4 with that much. Hahaha
  Well, although I've never seen anyone carrying iPhone without case, I expect tiny proportion of iPhone owners use their iPhone without cases.  And, I suspect, very small percentages of those who carry their iPhone without case have never had any scratches or damage on their iPhones since the first iPhone.  Congrates!   Generally, we carry smartphones with cases.  So, I don't know how casing of smartphone translates to "build quality" here, different casings would not...
  No, I have't, but I heard that S3 and Note2 screens could be broken easily when dropped as they do not have thin layer of plastic or something covering front glass edges.  I dont think fixing broken glass would cost that much, I would guess $200 (NZ Dollars).     Do you use your iPhone without a case on?  My sister-in-law does but, after using it without a case for a while, she threads a silicon case out of her pocket and puts her iPhone back into the case.
I have seen quite number of reviews on iPhone 5 and HTC One.  Yes, they have awesome looks.  But, would they be out there without cases?  I have never seen an iPhone 5 without a case (all with hard plastic, part metal, TPU or sillicon case.....all ugly).  How would HTC One be with cases?   I prefer plastic body, but I think Sammy would have to go with some form of metal for the next Galaxy.
I think Apple should do what Aaron calls 'gesture' in the following Youtube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PDVylVZUIs#t=4m20
  What do you think this?     Would this beat the "Design" patent?  I am genuinely curious. (sorry for the poor drawing)
I think it would only be valid if there were no rounded magnifying glass ever existed.
AI! Why jragosta still around here?   He keeps missing the point and is definitely trolling on AI.  Maybe, he is Apple defending whatever Apple does.  He seems to blur every issues negative to Apple.   I thought he was banned here.
No she was just moving icons when it auto rebooted. No, our iPad does not have overheating issue. And, our iPad is used about 1 hour a day by our kid. I and my wife have probably used it for about 2 hours in total since iOS6.
  Really?  Just after my wife complained that App store became too difficult to search, our iPad shut down and rebooted itself today.  What she did was rearranging icons after downloading a couple of apps for our kids.  I also witnessed number of app crashes and freezings while our kids were using it since iOS6.
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