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  What do you think this?     Would this beat the "Design" patent?  I am genuinely curious. (sorry for the poor drawing)
I think it would only be valid if there were no rounded magnifying glass ever existed.
AI! Why jragosta still around here?   He keeps missing the point and is definitely trolling on AI.  Maybe, he is Apple defending whatever Apple does.  He seems to blur every issues negative to Apple.   I thought he was banned here.
No she was just moving icons when it auto rebooted. No, our iPad does not have overheating issue. And, our iPad is used about 1 hour a day by our kid. I and my wife have probably used it for about 2 hours in total since iOS6.
  Really?  Just after my wife complained that App store became too difficult to search, our iPad shut down and rebooted itself today.  What she did was rearranging icons after downloading a couple of apps for our kids.  I also witnessed number of app crashes and freezings while our kids were using it since iOS6.
  Without them, this place would be like um..... North Korea?   Sorry, I have not seen enough of you to counter them here.  To me, they contribute more than all of you combined.
HAHAHA, are you serious?   I thought you were being sarcastic in your previous comment.   Believe me I see terrible lags in iPhones having had that buttery smooth experience of Jelly Bean for almost 4 months.  Things had been progressibly improving to get where Jelly Bean were, just like iPhone 5 became the fastest smartphone.  
  "A federal judge on Monday tossed Apple's suit against Motorola, which claimed the Google-owned company was participating in unfair licensing practices regarding declared standards-essential patents"   Look! did Apple own any of those patents back in March 2011?  
I understand that Apple did not have anything to offer Moto to cross licence (correct if I am wrong). If that is the case, Apple should not expect the same rate their competitors, like HTC, Samsung or Nokia, were paying. Apple is being unreasonable here.
New Posts  All Forums: