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I understand that Apple did not have anything to offer Moto to cross licence (correct if I am wrong). If that is the case, Apple should not expect the same rate their competitors, like HTC, Samsung or Nokia, were paying. Apple is being unreasonable here.
  Well, that maybe their way of calling BS to Apple.  Apple calling 4inch 'BIG', but we call it 'mini'.
  What do you think about the LG Nexus design?  I think the current Galaxy Nexus design is near perfect and I would not want it changed.     I love the slightly curved front design of Galaxy Nexus.  It comfortably fits well in my pocket.  I even like a little bump at the back bottom, I have my way of holding it and I am quite enjoying it.   One minor thing.  I dont know if you have noticed, if you place GN on your desk 50cm infront of you and phone front facing upward,...
  I may have been confused with other cases, but was that the the Federal Appeal court had sent the case back to Koh to reconsider PI?
  I wouldn't think so.  My Nexus with 1.2 ghz dual core & one giga ram runs 4.1.1(Jelly Bean) beautifully.  
I did not expect that I would become like a sales person, but put Zagg Invisible Shield Maximum Protection on iPhone 5.  Would look shiny beautiful on the white (Not sure on the black)
So, there was will be no iPad mini?
How do know that? Are you the person who posted the YouTube? It seems like, watching that YouTube, iPhone 5 has been bent somehow before that person received it.There are this bent issues reported in Macrumors. I am sure that teThese are isolated incidents, but long iPhone 5 with thin aluminium body may prone to it. So, do not put it in back pockets.
Are you sure iPhone wouldn't bend?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7_AS_9z0IU
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