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  I am not denying Android fragmentation.  However In Android, you have tons of applications that you could choose from, if you are having an fragmentation issue.  Luckly, my Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean did not have any fragmentation issue.   I would be really upset if my iPhone 5 kept showing black bars (especially if I had a white one).  Most of all, I wouldn't be able to show mine to my Android friends because it looks exactly same as iPhone 4s but uglier with black...
I couldn't agree with you more.
    I was responding to jragosta.  Here is what he said;  
  Are you still seeing black bars in your iPhone 5?  I am sure you are.  A developer estimated it would take more than 30 days for an application to update and get Apple approval.  (Some high graphic application would need more coding work, hence take more that that, according to him).  That is the world-class fragmentation, a great innovation feature that comes with iPhone5, imo.
That's too harsh.   As long as the screen size is concern, Samsung had it first (the S was 4 inch).  And what Samsung copied Apple again?  If you are looking for true copies of original, find Swiss...& Braun..  (could be more).  They are the true copies of Apple, but wait...    Yeah right the $1 Billion verdict.  I don't know what you have to say when the tide turns.
    Thanks for bring this up.     So, Hogan was sued by Seagate which Samsung became a major shareholder of.  And Hogan was bankrupt due to the result of the court case.  Right?   Moreover, a lawyer against Hogan in that case is married to a lawyer from the law firm which is defending Samsung.  Is it so?   I always thought that this Apple v Samsung was better than watching any sport, but it is also better than any tv drama!!  
If your phone is ok, why don't you put Zagg Invisible Shield Maximum Protection on it?  I had these on my iPad and Galaxy Nexus after a numerous chunky cases.  You will appreciate the design of your product.  Additionally it provides grip (It does not slip easily -a big plus).  
Galaxy S3 Geekbench scores vary.  Maybe need to test them in similar settings and applications?   http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=Galaxy+S+III
Good one!  LOL. Please dont cry however.   No I just using iPhone launcher as 'Application drawer', if you know what I mean.  My default launcher is Nova.  (And of course, to test iPhones with mine)   You know that the first benchmark is just out. http://************/2012/09/16/first-iphone-5-geekbench-results-dual-core-a6-more-than-doubles-ipad-3-score-narrowly-beats-high-end-androids/   iPhone 5 is quite impressive, Geekbechmark score is 1601.     See below on above...
  Well, I don't know.  I am using my GN fully for my requirements, 3 different launchers, about 120 downloaded applications and 12gb used.  When I open iPhone launcher I have 7pages of home screen.  Most of iPhone 4 and 4S that I compared with mine had about 30~60 application downloaded.  With iPhone launcher, mine is definately smoother than iPhone 4 and 4S.   On stock and Nova launcher, I get little glitches but after playing around 5 seconds it becomes buttery smooth (...
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