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If your phone is ok, why don't you put Zagg Invisible Shield Maximum Protection on it?  I had these on my iPad and Galaxy Nexus after a numerous chunky cases.  You will appreciate the design of your product.  Additionally it provides grip (It does not slip easily -a big plus).  
Galaxy S3 Geekbench scores vary.  Maybe need to test them in similar settings and applications?   http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=Galaxy+S+III
Good one!  LOL. Please dont cry however.   No I just using iPhone launcher as 'Application drawer', if you know what I mean.  My default launcher is Nova.  (And of course, to test iPhones with mine)   You know that the first benchmark is just out. http://************/2012/09/16/first-iphone-5-geekbench-results-dual-core-a6-more-than-doubles-ipad-3-score-narrowly-beats-high-end-androids/   iPhone 5 is quite impressive, Geekbechmark score is 1601.     See below on above...
  Well, I don't know.  I am using my GN fully for my requirements, 3 different launchers, about 120 downloaded applications and 12gb used.  When I open iPhone launcher I have 7pages of home screen.  Most of iPhone 4 and 4S that I compared with mine had about 30~60 application downloaded.  With iPhone launcher, mine is definately smoother than iPhone 4 and 4S.   On stock and Nova launcher, I get little glitches but after playing around 5 seconds it becomes buttery smooth (...
  No I do not need to download.  Will be updated.  I don't know anyone who is upgrading to iPhone 5 yet, so I might have to visit shops to compare mine with the 5.  I am sure it will be smooth as mine.
Sorry, I bought Galaxy Nexus instead of iPhone 4S.  But, I have tested iPhone 4S every time I had chance to hold.  What I had liked about iPhone 4 and 4S was its superiority on smoothness until Jelly Bean came along.     I have 3 launchers with my Nexus, one of which is 'Fake iPhone Launcher' which supports iPhone icons and same UI.  Now, I could compare mine with iPhone 4S.  Result?  iPhone 4s is not superior anymore in terms with smoothness.   Maybe with the increased...
  I am sure Apple would gradually support true multi tasking with their improved specs for future products. http://www.businessinsider.com/ios-6-multitasking-2012-9     Sorry I dont know anything about API, but my Galaxy Nexus is much smoother than iPhone 4S.  Why you should not expect that?
I hope iPhone 5 would be smoother than 4S and support true multi-tasking, just like my Galaxy Nexus.  
My iPad 2 wall charger died just after 12 months. Never had a problem with Samsung adapters.
  I have Galaxy Nexus with Invisible Shield Maximum Protection.  You know that Galaxy Nexus has plastic back cover, but the film went well with it.  I think it would be ok to the metal back.  See the installation guide on the web and take your time when you apply it.  Agree with you, I also hoped iPhone 5 with aluminum back in November last year before I bought my Nexus.
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