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  No I do not need to download.  Will be updated.  I don't know anyone who is upgrading to iPhone 5 yet, so I might have to visit shops to compare mine with the 5.  I am sure it will be smooth as mine.
Sorry, I bought Galaxy Nexus instead of iPhone 4S.  But, I have tested iPhone 4S every time I had chance to hold.  What I had liked about iPhone 4 and 4S was its superiority on smoothness until Jelly Bean came along.     I have 3 launchers with my Nexus, one of which is 'Fake iPhone Launcher' which supports iPhone icons and same UI.  Now, I could compare mine with iPhone 4S.  Result?  iPhone 4s is not superior anymore in terms with smoothness.   Maybe with the increased...
  I am sure Apple would gradually support true multi tasking with their improved specs for future products. http://www.businessinsider.com/ios-6-multitasking-2012-9     Sorry I dont know anything about API, but my Galaxy Nexus is much smoother than iPhone 4S.  Why you should not expect that?
I hope iPhone 5 would be smoother than 4S and support true multi-tasking, just like my Galaxy Nexus.  
My iPad 2 wall charger died just after 12 months. Never had a problem with Samsung adapters.
  I have Galaxy Nexus with Invisible Shield Maximum Protection.  You know that Galaxy Nexus has plastic back cover, but the film went well with it.  I think it would be ok to the metal back.  See the installation guide on the web and take your time when you apply it.  Agree with you, I also hoped iPhone 5 with aluminum back in November last year before I bought my Nexus.
  Still, if iPhone 5 is dropped less than 45 degree front facing downwards, the edges are exposed.
I disagree with you.  Edges are weakest area if we talk about glass.  Even if it is covered with film, it is highly likely to be exposed as there is no perfect fit film at the moment.
If you look at the first image in this article, you see that it does not have protective edges covering front glass edges.   And I like iPhone 4 design better because it is awkwardly long and would not provide better reading if you hold it vertically.  I don't like two tone design at the back, I would rather have glass back with Invisible Shield on the back of course.  I like, though, the thinness.
  I suggest you to apply Invisible Shield from Zagg (maximum protection) to iPhone5, when they come out.  It also provides better grip.
New Posts  All Forums: