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  Still, if iPhone 5 is dropped less than 45 degree front facing downwards, the edges are exposed.
I disagree with you.  Edges are weakest area if we talk about glass.  Even if it is covered with film, it is highly likely to be exposed as there is no perfect fit film at the moment.
If you look at the first image in this article, you see that it does not have protective edges covering front glass edges.   And I like iPhone 4 design better because it is awkwardly long and would not provide better reading if you hold it vertically.  I don't like two tone design at the back, I would rather have glass back with Invisible Shield on the back of course.  I like, though, the thinness.
  I suggest you to apply Invisible Shield from Zagg (maximum protection) to iPhone5, when they come out.  It also provides better grip.
Sorry, I like iPhone 4s better designwise. iPhone 5 does not have protective edges covering front glass, when would Apple learn?
  So they stole and patented, and are going to sue with it?     I am sorry.  I can't help.
Exactly what I think.  If Apple had put 'License' button instead of 'Buy', then this would not have been a problem.  Some commenters are saying this is a industry problem.  IMHO, however, this is Apple's.  And I believe anyone can see this.
  Thanks, but sorry it does not make sense to me.   I have not thought about it.  But, should I be able to transfer any contents that I bought from iTunes to anyone I like?  (I am talking about musics, movies and books.)  
Off the topic, but I have a question.   Is it really true that the music tracks and movies that you buy from iTunes are not your property?  ?%$#?   Bruce Willies is suing Apple.   http://www.macworld.co.uk/digitallifestyle/news/?newsid=3379054
  http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=2012082510525390 Come back to your comment then.     http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/kirby_ferguson_embrace_the_remix.html#t=5m00s
New Posts  All Forums: