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excellent post re: the spectrum from black to white.   (like most things, it's really a shade of grey.) as a retired software developer, i personally found security issues to be fairly boring. spy vs. spy stuff.  but i'm a greybeard old hippie who trusts more than most. for others, security is "job security".   it's too bad other computing-related issues don't get more play.   exception:  the most recent issue of the bloomberg business week magazine, devoted...
As always, keep in mind the LiquidMetal connection, with Zadesky named on the Force Touch patent, as the co-signer on the LQMT contract, and now with the Apple car group: http://www.techinsighter.com/blog/2014/1/26/smart-metal-next-level-of-tactile-interaction
Are these noise-cancelling? If not, why not?
Is there any extra protection against the Elcom backup downloader if 2-step auth is *not* yet set up? For example, with at least with one person I know, I can reset their Apple ID password, knowing only the Apple ID, birthdate and one security question (I guess they never set up 2.)   Didn't the Elcom downloader rely only upon that?     (And yes, I did see the bit how Apple will now send out email/device notifications after such a breach ex-post-facto.)
Counsel: "You mean to tell me that Apple's stoplist did not preclude my client from choosing 'Princess1' as a password?"   Defense: "Your honor, ladies and gentleman of the jury.  That is correct, but 'Princess1' is only #2 on the "ibrute" list, so that our (temporary-only) gaffe with the "no counters" Find My iPhone URL login cannot be implicated."
Was it ever determined that the purchase was done with unrepatriated foreign cash, since both Beats and Apple Inc. have Irish subsidiaries, possibly saving taxes, per: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/05/23/apple-could-save-over-1b-on-alleged-beats-deal-with-international-acquisition---report
 Updating this with more killjoy definitive expertise (for Al atomic number 13), with four pronunciations,two in the Queen's English and two with American accent.         http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/pronunciation/british/aluminium#
Nice thread, with the Barenaked Ladies tune a good catch.   Now, language lawyers (or rather barristers), please explain molybdenum:         http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/pronunciation/british/molybdenum#
Yeah, much better than normal titles like: All about H.265 (and Why You Haven't Heard a Peep about it in Years)Introduction, the new Apple Autostereoscopic 8K DisplaysMac Pro Speedbump 1 (Programming for 48-cores)iPhone 7 sessions (TBA)Undocumented Features 1, How to "Take Over" your friend's Nest ThermostatBrainwave Monitoring (Lab Preview)Wireless Power for iPhone, Care and FeedingMac Pro Speedbump 2 (Bitcoin Mining Fabric Instruction Set)M8 Co-processor Technology for...
Agree about the strong upgrade cycle. As a datapoint, in my AT&T family plan, months ago, I had carefully planned to upgrade everyone to a 5S because the 2-year contract dates were clustered too closely, but because the carrier pushed out all these upgrade dates (18-months at the time), no sale! As many know, unless you are planning to switch carriers, on full two-year subsidy plans you "lose money" if you don't take advantage of an upgrade as soon as that date rolls...
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