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     "It's 35 years old and has no relevancy anymore."   Surely you jest.  Although the Unix copyrights associated with the hundreds of millions of iOS devices are technically maxed out at  30 years old (Settings->General->About->Legal Notices), they are renewals of copyrights associated with a much older and venerable Unix.   There may be actual lines of code in every Mac OS X and iOS 7 from the Unix circa 1970s.  (My own code therein is only 29 years old, though;...
I really dig this setup -- Apple the 64-bit Superman or Ninja Warrior fending off all attacks, alongside the 8-bit Nintendo or Atari cartoonish pencil-neck geek wimps bowing to the superior force.
Does this mean Java is next ?!    Oh goody if so !?
How this meme may eventually turn out reminds me of the play-on-words highlighted in the 70s by British folkies The Dransfield brothers, with an album entitled "Popular to Contrary Belief".
Both 4K / UltraHD and H.265 hardware decode-ready, presumably, via a Broadcom BCM7445 chip or the like. Not mentioned at AppleInsider in a while; be sure to look for such in the teardown. Of course the wireless bandwidth for 4K even with H.265 remains out-of-reach for most, but H.265 for pre-existing 1080p would be sweet for content hogs and existing pipes.
On the concall, TC discussed that since the buyback program unfolds over time, the average re-purchase price would be reported at the program's end, as if it were executed by "dollar cost averaging". Perhaps this has gone out of style, but can't Apple's Braeburn subsidiary use "zero-cost collar" options to hedge share retirement at a fixed price, similar to foreign currency hedging? This would only make sense if the option premiums are reasonable, and if the 400ish price...
Over time, the federal government gets a higher cut anyway, via dividend paybacks (15-39.3%), capital gains (15%+ AMT), estate tax, etc.  Even heirs of folks who die with their stock, as Jobs did with AAPL and DIS, triggering a "step-up" basis, will spend/squander resulting in more tax.  If you raise corporate tax and keep "personal" rates high too, at least the dividends (a company's worth over time using the dividend discount model) would be double taxation.
Audio volume fluctuations highly correlated with a WiFi update? Hmmm ... maybe they switched from frequency modulation (FM) to amplitude modulation (AM) for router-to-computer radio signaling. Ha, just kidding! Or, how about phase interference with the Broadcom DSP chip audio outputs? Oh, you mean it's all digital instead of analog now? Maybe there's a bug in the low-level D/A speaker volume normalization routine which, due to the bug, XOR's in a...
Downside to 'applesupertramps' mutation of the Einhorn proposal -- a sudden huge cash dividend like that would create a tax nightmare for many.    When holding AAPL in a taxable account (even if classified as a "qualified dividend") this could slingshot some modest holders into paying 23.8% of that to the feds, plus another 10% in state tax in several states).   Many of us would prefer a steady dividend that doesn't boost one into a higher tax bracket.
Good to hear from Art, such a key player at both Genentech and Apple. Because he was so inspirational at Genentech, both as a bench scientist and as CEO, Dr. Levinson would actually make for a fantastic Apple CEO if, ahem, something were to happen ...   Genentech, very early on, recognized the primacy of Apple gear and adopted it en masse even before Jobs' return -- he considered it an actual competitive advantage over other biotech firms.   Indeed, early...
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