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But that's just a few patents out of Apple's portfolio of hundreds just for the iPhone.($100M, possibly trebled) isn't bad for just one or a few! Seems like a regular part of negotiation -- ask for the moon and settle for less.But in a regular out-of-court settlement, usually the two sides portfolios are "weighed"against each other, almost like grading papers by the number of pages.  Because ofthis, as a "patent early, patent often" believer, IBM extracted much in the way...
What you experienced (a peremptory challenge) is the usual setup, similar to lawyers & doctors being dismissed from certain case types.Perhaps each side's limited number of challenges were used up before he was selected, and he passed the judge's sniff test,which usually goes "despite having worked in this arena, would this bias your impartial judgement?"   I wish Groklaw were still aroundto cover this minutiae.   Oh yes, for those who wonder why people who "know too much"...
Two words: "contributory infringement" ...Two more words: "direct infringement": http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/contributory_infringement
It's educational that DED brought up the 1992 copyright case, Apple v. Microsoft. This was the infamous "look and feel" trial whereby Apple failed to clinch that their design prowess would rule. As a courtroom spectator then, I saw (now retired) jurist Vaughn Walker (of prop. 8 fame) masterfully "rule from the bench" that a look-and-feel doctrine could not be established, because copyright only protects "expression", but that items like overlapping windows and the file...
Another analogy: Even though Einstein was verified correct for developing (even inventing) seminal contributions to special relativity, the photoelectric effect, general relativity, and quantum mechanics, he should be considered a "failure" for not having developed a unified field theory within his lifetime, and only winning one Nobel prize instead of two!
Has China Mobile also denied the Xinhua News Agency report?
     "It's 35 years old and has no relevancy anymore."   Surely you jest.  Although the Unix copyrights associated with the hundreds of millions of iOS devices are technically maxed out at  30 years old (Settings->General->About->Legal Notices), they are renewals of copyrights associated with a much older and venerable Unix.   There may be actual lines of code in every Mac OS X and iOS 7 from the Unix circa 1970s.  (My own code therein is only 29 years old, though;...
I really dig this setup -- Apple the 64-bit Superman or Ninja Warrior fending off all attacks, alongside the 8-bit Nintendo or Atari cartoonish pencil-neck geek wimps bowing to the superior force.
Does this mean Java is next ?!    Oh goody if so !?
How this meme may eventually turn out reminds me of the play-on-words highlighted in the 70s by British folkies The Dransfield brothers, with an album entitled "Popular to Contrary Belief".
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