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sparing a full-quotation-reply-to-self, the easiest way for apple to satisfy all the constraints for: - apple video download store - ipod-as-video display/storage unit + remote_control - digital feed to (hd)tv is for any new ipod to do 802.11g rather than dvi/hdmi-output, and have the mac mini rather than the ipod do the tv interface. if the nintendo ds at $100-$150 for display + wireless can do it, so can ipod. unfortunately, this implies...
the apple brand has given us high quality digital audio via the ipod. as for video, the ipod photo dock with S-video out has been a non-starter for those 2-8 megapixel digital photos everyone owns. for apple to debut MTV-like lowrez 480p video on a device with analog out would be a step backwards, besmirching the brand known for higher quality multimedia. yet 720p or better video via DVI/HDMI from an ipod, from both CPU-intensive and power consumption...
for those who want specificity on apple/intel transition dates, see first paragraph of: http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2005/jun/06intel.html also, the terms of the apple/ibm "custom sales agreement" (i.e. contract, expiring october 27. 2007) are all very public, as it appears in the apple fiscal year 2003 10K filed at the SEC, attached to: http://yahoo.brand.edgar-online.com/...4052&Type=HTML as: section 10.B.18\t \t Custom Sales Agreement...
factoids in determining mootness: - apple and microsoft cross-license each others patents. this can be verified by calling apple investor relations, who will recite material from previous 10Q and 10K reports. - u.s. is a first-to-invent, rather than first-to-file system, meaning that in an interference proceeding, the seniority of invention date trumps filing date. witness the ibm / unisys LZW claims, whereby ibm was first-to-invent the "W"...
from a marketing perspective, it might make more sense to turn it on for x86-only, both to make ye olde powerpc look bad, and to make up for inferior vector processing on intel. are most embarrassingly parallel ops in apple apps rewired for GPUs yet?
granted, but if that's the physical form it takes, current g5 owners don't need to ditch existing gear next year -- just do a board swap when the bugs are shaken out.
isn't the first "powerpc product" really the $999 3.6gHz mactel transition kit? in the keynote, jobs infers that the development hardware is just a board that fits inside the g5 chassis, using existing power and peripherals. no?
much better now.
when the metricom ricochet network was in fuller bloom, a similar capability was offered by the ricoh rdc-i700 camera with wireless modem. it was meant to be a boon for press photographers on the go: http://www.mobilecomputing.com/showarchives.cgi?170:5 google around with "ricochet ricoh".
thanx to the ghost of nikola tesla, gigawire should offer power transmission over the luminiferous 802.11b aether, as well.
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