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FYI, for those with a Discover credit card, shopping at Apple Store may the least expensive, at least for today.    In addition to the 5% discount for online shopping until Dec. 31 using the card, there is an additional 5% stackable bonus for shopping thru their portal which routes you to the Apple Store, *plus* another 2% just for today, apres signup. This 12% plus the $101 off is, in the words of J. Robert Oppenheimer, "technically sweet".  
apple's new maps are mighty fine -- recently flew blind thru heavy s.f. traffic to get from the hardly strictly bluegrass fest to a berkeley venue, competitively and ultimately much better than the frozen-in-time prius nav system. this article confirms, besides highlighting the tech, that the "mapgate" stuff is just the wannabe competitors' "scoff campaign". also, the really important bit illustrated for frisco is pinning down the location of (at least one) tonyanese...
As well, for California residents at least, Amazon does not collect state sales tax until September 15, which can save up to 9.75%.   MacMall collects CA tax.
[In reply to first-time poster mandybrigwell]       Welcome to AppleInsider with a "cracking good" first post.   Seriously, this place can use some linguistic sophistication -- I may be dating myself, but I haven't heard the expletive "interrobang" in ages, so thank you for that !?!   That said, I'll add some value here to the reportage for wannabe trial onlookers, because I've been present in that San Jose courtroom "trial of the century" venue.   Judge Koh has not been...
The general principle in agreement with you here is called "The Exhaustion Doctrine" for patents, akin to the First-Sale Doctrine for copyright.  See:            http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exhaustion_doctrine   whereby collection for patent royalties is done at the most basic part level.   Hardware company cross-licensing often eases the burden for the consumer, by not passing through possibly dozens, hundreds, or thousands of individual royalties to the end-user....
The last sentence reminds me -- how is the Cisco iPhone selling these days ?!? More seriously, did Apple have to pay Cisco a huge sum for that particular trademark?
Likely the same way Apple has purchased parcels of property in Cupertino. SOP, I would think.
Hey grampa, I'm just blown away by advances of the last 35 years! Although, without looking at the patents, I'm only vaguely aware of what a "fast cochlear transform" is, I was only doing Fast Fourier Transforms on Unix version 5 in grad school (sans floating point math) for audio compression. Then came the DCT, then .mp3, thence H264, but audio transforms were not rageous in firmware for awhile ... My wife was trying to do isolated word-constrained voice...
Does gyro-aided image stabilization work with still photographs or just video?
Further, I personally watched how trusted BOD member Art Levinson turned Genentech into a $100B combine using his own dedication, charisma, and respect among his propeller-head reports. Levinson is no slouch and indeed groks the Jobs philosophy.
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