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Further, I personally watched how trusted BOD member Art Levinson turned Genentech into a $100B combine using his own dedication, charisma, and respect among his propeller-head reports. Levinson is no slouch and indeed groks the Jobs philosophy.
(We assume you meant 3,000,000 sq. ft. as round-off size for the Apple headquarters footprint.) For your edification, just go over to NASA Ames Research Center next door, which is about that size for its extant buildings. Now Google HQ adds 1.0-1.2 mega square feet to that, and although re-zoning within the ARC master plan makes their original 2.5-3M sq. ft. variable you might enjoy an R&D sandbox like that to play in! --retiarius P.S. When I interviewed with...
It's interesting how corporate purchase decisions can be influenced by politics and other non-technical bias. To be fair there are Stateside companies which have made the opposite decision in favor of Apple, for various reasons including technical factors made manifest via "bakeoffs" in the marketplace. For example when California's Genentech (before purchase by Swiss pharma giant Roche) opened the company cellphone purchase decision to employees, RIM Blackberrys piled...
Hmm ... thanks for a voice of sanity here. The media, including AppleInsider, makes chip selection decisions as if it were an all-or-none battle, intimating that Samsung is really a sole-supplier in a manner which is now at risk. Doesn't Apple second-source everything important, or is that a quaint notion in the OEM business?
MPEG-LA manages both the MPEG-2 and H.264 pools. For example, the aforementioned zig-zag transform coefficient scanner could apply to one or both formats. (Aside: I personally haven't studied such since implementing a sweetly recursive Peano-Hilbert plane-filling curve scanner courtesy Abraham Lempel a couple of decades ago...) This case may not be a rerun of the AT&T ambush, which was settled, but an unsettled matter of "essentiality". Perhaps the zig-zag patent was...
Thanks much for the pointer to previous analysis of Alcatel-Lucent v. MPEGLA (or vice versa). From the get-go this seems like leftovers from the MPEGLA MPEG2/H.264 "essentiality" determinations. Entities are clearly testing the "jump into the [patent] pool" entreaty from MPEGLA, and how holdouts try to game the pool, looking for bugs in the honor-amongst-thieves system. What surprises me a bit is that one of the patents was assigned to IBM. They have as much to do...
iphone 4 antennae can pick up a surprising amount of chat south of the border, besides wolfman jack on XERB! to wit: "i'm on a mexican radio i wish i was in tiajuana eating barbeque iguana i take requests on the telephone i'm on a wavelength far from home." -- stannard ridgeway, wall of voodoo
Cogent observations aside, this gray-haired retired Unix programmer glazes eyes over yet once again regarding "stack buffer overflow" smash-and-grab errors. By now you'd think the industrial world has adopted tricknology developed over a decade ago to snuff this stuff out. Maybe someone has a patent on how-to-forever-prevent "stack smashing"-at-compile-time, but I doubt it. What hath BSD Unix wrought?
hiding cell towers in church steeples is another favorite trick -- in frisco there's supposedly one in st. paul's in noe valley (where sister act was filmed), but if so it's only helping us out only a little bit.
so how will lenovo do against apple director ms. jung?
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