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Slight gaffe -- using 768Kbps, the second case yields 4.87 Mbps (or so), if Apple's examples are to be taken as gospel. What is better is to get a rough official rate from Apple (they still only say 5 Mbps max for 720p), then make a Dashboard widget that combines your actual broadband speed at www.speedtest.net with a real movie duration time. Of course they will say encoding rate will vary with content, but if they would display movie filesize and duration like they do...
This is just about right, I get 4.66-4.75 Mbps using a combination of a progressive download formula and the Apple specs at:http://www.apple.com/appletv/specs.html#movierentals Apple is very cagey to not give the average movie encoding speed directly, and until an HD file is captured in the wild to yield its filesize (whereby speed = movie duration / filesize), we don't have exact figures. Nonetheless, from first principles, since for a progressive ("quick start")...
This does seem mighty strange, since the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 chip internal to the Apple TV can easily do 1920x1200 external with the right drivers. Even ye olde (4 years ancient) Mac PPC G5 tower that contains a stock NVIDIA 5200 did this. If this is true, then it is by dint of Apple's software choice, not due to a limitation of the 7300 graphix. If Apple is taking multimegabit photo resolution (a property of even the most primitive digital camera), then pumping it...
Now that HD rentals are out, Is the bandwidth closer to 3 mbps or 5 mbps, to motivate those who are gauging how much money to give to an ISP for this service. If much higher than 3 mbps, there won't be much instant gratification to be had amongst most DSL users.
Regarding AppleTV content resolution, at Macworld the Apple emps demoed the three resolutions for widescreen at 1280x720p, the current iTunes standard 640x360, and the new resolution for SD rentals -- 720x480 anamorphic, just like DVD, but transcoded to H.264. See the AppleTV specs for the mention of official acceptance of 720x480 anamorphic. 480 vertical lines for SD makes a big difference for the common cinematic 2.35:1 aspect ratio, which presumably were/are shipped...
Yup, and this corporate AT&T/iPhone deal is already happening at a 10,000+ emp company, per:http://www1.investorvillage.com/smbd...sg&mid=3834688
There's resonance power coupling in existing products like the Sonicare toothbrush. For computers, it's been extended byhttp://www.ecoupled.com/ to Herman Miller office furniture:http://www.asteriskvoipnews.com/wire...s_charger.html It's not hard to imagine iPods coupling to other Apple equipment wirelessly for both power and data, though this seems like overkill.
Now that Apple is going with Sun's ZFS, isn't the RAID controller (but not the array itself) a bit old-fashioned?
Unless he reinvests dividends --likely not, as his share count hasn't changed since the Pixar / Disney conversion. If Apple were to declare a 1% dividend, 'sjobs@apple.com' would only make $9.2M extra per year -- perhaps this is how Apple will invisibly increase executive pay.
Technicality -- some patents (e.g. this one) are good for 17 years from the issue date:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Term_of..._United_States This would bring it out to 2008. However, the concept of "laches" enters the fray if there is no attempt to enforce a patent for six years.
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