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Hey how about Sylvester Stallone = Steve Jobs. Arnold Schawrzenneger = Bill Gates. Bruce Willis = Eric Schmidt. Jean-Claude Van Damme = Steve Ballmer. Steven Seagal = Jeff Bezos. Jet Li = Samsung CEO Jackie Chan = HTC CEO Kal Penn = Adobe CEO
Christian Bale's performance in American Psycho is amazing.
Clooney is ANNOYING
Eddie Murphy as John Sculley Jim Carrey as Gil Amelio Seth Rogen as Mark Zuckerberg Hulk Hogan as Steve Ballmer
holy crap. James Spader would be an awesome Bill Gates.
Larry Ellison = Robert Downey Jr. Woz = Paul Giamatti Bill Gates = Eddie Murphy (rofl)
Christian Bale (think American Psycho) as the arrogant, mercurial and eccentric Steve Jobs. Christian Bale (think the Machinist) as the thin Steve Jobs. PERFECT CASTING.
Christian Bale would be awesome.
iPad, other iOS devices top kids' holiday wish lists, says study from Nielsen http://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-57...ol;editorPicks
New Posts  All Forums: