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And they're returning it because it's a POS device. Kindle Fire return rate: 15% to 25%http://seekingalpha.com/article/4379...e-fire-returns Early buyers of Amazon's tablet-like e-reader, the Kindle Fire, are beginning to find what many had feared: it's not really a tablet computer at all.These early adopters are running into an experience that is often clunky, a touchscreen that isn't super responsive, a Web browser that struggles on many websites and head-scratching...
People are not going to buy an unproven, untested, BUGGY, CRAPPY, POS Android Tablet online specially if they haven't physically seen/touched/tested it inside a physical store. GOODLUCK GOOGLE! ANOTHER DISASTER COMING UP!
No issue here.
i always knew this FAT DISGUSTING PIG was up to no good.
Holy crap
Les Moonves = Another nitwit who will forever regret his stupidity.
Prepare for another MASSIVE quarter. China Telecom Begins Selling iPhone 4S After Receiving 200,000 Pre-Orders http://www.cultofmac.com/151772/chin...00-pre-orders/
I THINK we've got the answer fellas! DON'T ever ask paxman!
$399 entry-level iPad 2, Free iPhone 4, $99 iPhone 4S TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION
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