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Yeah I read what you wrote. Typical android garbage. Bottom line: Google = 2nd rate copy cats who's main goal is to serve us crappy ads and spyware Android = crappy, 2nd rate iOS copy cat
Apple's marketing is backed by innovative products. Google is trying to market a crappy 2nd rate me-too version of Facebook/twitter.
here's the difference my Fandroid friend. Apple = innovation + marketing + distribution Google = Theft + crummy ads
Sorry i thought you were joking.
Eric Schimdt. Here's Google's track record on innovation. Blogspot = Acquisition / DEAD Youtube = Acquisition / Money-losing operation Gmail = copied from hotmail/yahoo mail/etc. / Money-losing operation Google+ = copied from FB/Twitter Google Wave = Flop Google Buzz = Flop Google Video = Flop / Google Tried to copy youtube but FAILED Picasa = Flop / Google Copied Flickr Google Docs/Apps = Ms Office Rip-off Android = iPhone...
I don't think so FANDROID
Google's definition of innovation: Google+ has a 'celebrity acquisition plan' http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TECH/soc...google.verify/ ROFL PATHETIC!
fix the patent system so scumbag companies like Google/HTC/Samsung/Motorola can FREELY STEAL Apple's innovation? I Don't THINK SO! You don't get to give away something you don't own GOOGLE.
New Posts  All Forums: