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guys Apple's market cap already passed the $500B mark in after hours trading!
I'm too busy calculating how much my Apple stock's are worth. It's a great time to be an Apple shareholder. how about you
message to google: You can copy ios but you can't copy success!
it wont increase share holder value.
The $100 billion should be conservatively spent to expand and FURTHER grow apple's business, Which will FURTHER increase revenue/profit which will FURTHER increase the share price AND shareholder VALUE. Expansion and growth also means more jobs, more taxes,more investments, etc. Paying dividends WILL NOT increase revenue/profit/share holder value, it WILL NOT create Jobs, it will NOT DO ANYTHING.
Shareholders are soooo welllllll overrrrr compensated by Apple's stock price exploding -adding over $100 Billion to apples market cap! The capital gains on the surge of stock price is worth many billions to investors and shareholders. Paying dividends right now is like giving $100 to a someone who just won a $100M lottery. Its dumb!
Absolute non sense. You dont know what you're talking about. Youre comparing netflix and amazon to Apple? Haha youre nutz! Look at their revenue/profit/etc growth. THERE is no comparison. Do you even know what youre talking about? Rofl
You know the companies that pay out dividends? Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Johnson&Johnson, etc. FAT, Bloated companies with no prospect for growth.
Paying dividends right now when the company's stock price/revenue/profit is exploding IS INSANE! Companies pay out dividends to make their stock more attractive to investors BECAUSE their stock price/revenue/profit HAS PLATEAUED and there are no expectations of high growth. Paying dividends right now is A WASTE OF MONEY.
Apple gained nearly one Facebook ($100B) in value since Steve Jobs died http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/02/...0-billion-run/
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