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I can't believe anyone's using an Android-based product. seriously. Google is promoting Android not because they want to revolutionize the smartphone industry or to produce an awesome product. Google is promoting Android because THEY WANT TO SELL ADS!!!!! Android is a TROJAN HORSE PLANTED BY GOOGLE on all of your phones SO THEY CAN SELL ADS!!!! Google doesn't give a crap about QUALITY! The iPhone in contrast, is all about providing users the BEST PRODUCT...
Agree. Also. Expect the $12.5 billion Android protection money Google is paying for Moto to cause Google's stock price to crash. The Moto acquisition is going to go down as one of the DUMBEST deal in the history of M&A.
[insult removed]
1 word. D U M B. another. F R A G M E N T A T I ON. another. C R A P.
its not going to happen.
My arguments are backed by FACTS. You have not said a single thing that can counter my arguments. Is Google spending $12.5 billion to protect Android? YES or NO?? ANSWER the question.
Actually it's worse than ZERO.Google is spending $12.5 Billion to protect Android (Moto acquisition), not to mention the millions they're spending litigation, lawyer fees, etc. from all the Android-related Law suits.so if you think about it Android is a LIABILITY. *NOT* an Asset for Google.
Congratulations Android. you're the new NOKIA. all that useless market share and near-ZERO revenue. *slow clap*
These are 1) Junk FREE or $10 Android crap phones running Android 1.x 2) BUY ONE GET ONE DEALS
iPhone 4S Debuts in Over 20 New Countries http://www.macrumors.com/2011/12/16/...-high-as-1400/
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