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Don't forget what is gong to be ON that 12.1 inch screen! No way! _thedustin
booya! Wiretap is great. play with different volumes w/in the applications to get the best results. _thedustin
This? Not worth it if you ask me. Kinda cool though. _thedustin edit: oh yeah, it does not run OSX. That is why I don't want it,
Don't forget about Seinfeld _thedustin
In the finder, go to View, show view options, and choose show item info. _thedustin
I do, just to save time in stead of waiting for the OS to realize what happened. It locks-up for a few minutes, maybe one, and then asks if you would try to reconnect. _thedustin
I know you meant Powerbook, but by turning off airport when not in use will save battery life. You were gettin' pretty low! _thedustin
I know the peanut-butter ones have an advantage in size, but in actuality are weak and powerless. _thedustin
My original 5Gig is still runnin' fine. I get at least 3.5+ hours of constant play time. _thedustin
Could be true, look at these deals. Unbelievable! They are cleaning out the shelves. Free shipping on everything. _thedustin
New Posts  All Forums: