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Why are people so focused on disc formats when downloads and streaming are clearly right around the corner? If you have an AppleTV, watch a movie trailer. It's streaming from the Apple trailer site and it looks great (and obviously could be improved a little). How hard would it be for Apple to charge $10-20 a month and offer a streaming rental service? Really easy. So while some companies are freaking out over trying to shove HD-DVD and Blu-ray into their machines,...
well there are plenty of warnings before you turn on filevault.
There are millions of reasons NOT to change the iTunes name and they are all dollars that have been spent on ads.
last year there were new ipods released before the end of this offer. it was when the nano was first announced. i would guess that, like last year, and new ipod will not be included in the promotion at all.
you win the contest for the most descriptive thread title ever.
i can't stand the slant of the case/keyboard in vaio's. it doesn't look like a solid notebook.
OS X is by no means perfect, but I can think of over 100,000 reasons I hate Windows and they all fall under one category.
damn! that's some acronym.
Reverb (Previous iPod was Capo)
And let's pay tribute by trashing up the wrong forum! That'll show AI that you care about them!
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