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exactly. i didn't want anything more than a phone that makes calls, has bluetooth, and doesn't fill up my pocket (both height and width).
based on the title it sounds like you can just stack the mac on top of the dell. oh you mean OS X on a dell.
lots of keyboard shortcuts and exposé keep me fast. i don't feel fast until someone is looking over my shoulder while i do something and they can't follow. i'm looking to get a second 20" display. supposedly adding another disply to your system (i do video editing) makes you about 50% more productive.
Got the blood off.
YES, Apple screwed up here. NO, the dude complaining about floor seats was NOT screwed by Apple. Members of the RHCP fan club were able to order tickets even before the iTunes crowd, and I'm sure that's where the floor seats went. I think the fan club had a two day lead over the iTunes pre-order, and the iTunes crowd had a couple day lead over the general public. You can complain about not getting codes, but not about lack of stage-side seats if you aren't an RHCP...
if only appleinsider worked like digg
1. Why was manufacturing waiting on marketing??? 2. I think the iBook>Macbook changes will be like the DS>DS Lite changes: thinner, sharper corners, less clunk. And I'll want one.
It's IMAP, so no. It's a "feature" in my book.
Wow there's almost zero new news in that article.
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