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Well the joke is on Apple if they wait longer. They're missing out on tons of edu sales.
If everyone else had that mentality, the world would be a fantastic place.
I bought Transmit 2 way back in the day, and unfortunately had to ditch it with all the Favorites problems under Tiger. The people at Panic were very unhelpful and I've been directing people away ever since. I paid for my copy of Transmit 2, and they immediately forgot about it with Transmit 3 and Tiger. I don't expect companies to offer full support for old programs, but they basically stole my money by giving me a non-working app. I recently found a patch they...
That's certainly no way to treat a child!
i happen to be very satisfied with Quicken 2006 for Mac. I don't what more needs to be there, but it does a lot more than I care to.
try just letting it sit for 10 seconds or so. after i sync, my ipod cranks through a few things. i used to get impatient and start playing songs like you're doing, but if you just let it be, you can then turn it off. i have no idea what the ipod is doing during this time but it's not really an inconvenience.
Yes, it's getting tired. Those brand spanking new ones, though hunks of materials, have feelings and somehow know how long their product line has been active, therefore making them tired. Do you have one? have you used one? They're a little too impressive to be "tired."
excellent post. i wish this was like digg so comments could be promoted. anyways, i'm a moderate group 1. i want to dual boot only for gaming, but i want to play games like roller coaster tycoon and stuff, nothing big. i know RCT is available for mac, but the pc version has tons of add-ons, etc.
Send us all your bank account info so we can accurately tear apart your budget and decide if wireless is worth it for you. Come on man, these are decisions you should be making if it's strictly about $$.
Imagine yourself as a CEO of a major company. If someone ran up to you and gave you an impractical idea, what would you do? Keep in mind this is a business you want to MAKE money with.
New Posts  All Forums: