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this happens every year for apple's bday and every year nothing happens. eventually there will be an iBook replacement. yay, end of story.
the InPhase holographic drives will break 500GB soon enough.
I think it's because you forgot "When I need to buy something." I don't care too much where products are in their cycle. If I need to buy something, I look at the market, might wait a week or so if an announcement is near, then purchase.
No. It was completely a joke.
NAB will be here really soon. I would wait.
60% of the time, Vista sucks every time.
I think either the intel iMac or low end G5 will be fine for your needs. DV footage is particularly taxing, even doing multi-cam in FCP. If you're concerned about future-proofing everything, I would go with the tower. PCI-express allows for tons of breakout boxes for use in live production. You would need that kind of stuff if you ever move up from DV.
the back up is the disc you bought. if you're concerned about something happening to it, buy one of those fire-proof safes and store your app cd's in there.
you can't do that in iTunes yet, but I would advise against changing the xml file.
I've very close to purchasing the Digitech GNX300 workstation for use with Garageband, but I'm coming up short on reviews/comments of using the two things together. Does anyone own the GNX3000 or have experience with it? I'm making a trip to another guitar shop soon, but any comments are very welcome. Thanks.
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