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Well, assuming a "true" video iPod means a form factor similar to the photoshopped ones, I would use it to store fingerprints and grease. I would also use it to play back my fullscreen content, like Family Guy, and most video podcasts. I suppose the best part would be the battery, since I'd be able to watch only small portions of true widescreen content like movies.
I'll do my best at 1:30am. An easy metaphor to use with Crash is the game 'Rock, paper, scissors' (or equivalent name). While "scissors" may win in some matches (vs paper), it loses in others (vs rocks). The constant flip-flop of power in 'Rock, paper, scissors' is what happens in Crash among the various races (or stereotypes). It is necessary for the characters in Crash to be stereotypical because it allows (or should allow) audiences to quickly see that they (the...
i'm very keyboard-based and haven't found one thing in OS X that requires me to use a mouse. hunt around and create custom shortcuts if you have to.
I think you missed the point of the film. In one of my film classes we went virtually frame-by-frame through Crash, and there is a lot more hidden in the film than most people see. To say that the portrayal of Asian-americans in Crash was sad implies a terribly skewed interpretation of the themes in it.
programming requires persistence, and persistence means ignoring everything else going on
It shouldn't be an iTunes error, as the feed is controlled by wherever it is hosted. Try adding the feed in Safari and check it for a few weeks. If the problem still arises, then it is for sure the feed and not iTunes. If it is iTunes, I'm not sure where the problem could be coming from. For what it's worth, I haven't experienced this with any of my feeds in iTunes.
did you miss the Compressor application bundled in Final Cut Studio?
So wait, Google Mars isn't beta according to the graphic, but Gmail still is?
I hope he gets fed up with the language barrier and throws a camera. Or cancels the project, either one is fine.
make a "data cd" instead of an "mp3 cd" an mp3 cd is just that, and nothing more.
New Posts  All Forums: