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uh, apple had all kinds of "redmond, start your copiers" posters before the tiger release. kind of old news.
I use Voodoo Pad for all my classes. It's not good for being able to print out one day of notes, but allows for much better organization of info, wiki-style. You create a page for anything you want, then eveyr timeyou type that phrase or word it backlinks to your specific topic page. Best of all, you can export to iPod and have all your notes in website-form anywhere you go. Voodoo Pad is best for history or theory classes where you often reference previous course...
apple sees most of the perks. it gives them more options for design in future products.
no way you're serious.
the last horse finally crosses the line! just kidding, cause actually not many people seem to understand that you don't watch all your movies 3 times a day like you might with a favorite tune. your words make perfect sense.
Thank god Apple just came out and said that so maybe people will stop assuming all these phantom products are coming to market. It's been very clear all along that Apple is more about viewing computer content than integration with a cable service. Plus, it would absolutely kill iTunes tv sales if they did a DVR "right", which they probably would.
You HAVE to watermark or down-res for client previews. Make a contract for each job. Get some substantial, negotiated portion your payment up front, then the rest after the piece is finished. If the client wants a full res or non-watermarked version of the piece, make them pay the rest of your fee. The video industry has been around a long time without DRM for that kind of stuff. You just have to make contracts.
Ah, finally something that really works on a subscription model!
Uh, is it just me, or is everyone too busy getting pissed off at the Mac mini to notice that Front Row now handles streamed video? I remember lots of debates over a possible Airport Express Video and people drooling over streamed video. Oh well, I guess that's to be expected from anyone with unrealistic predictions for today.
Conviction is complete trash, but it's free.
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