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it seems this has fixed slow open/save dialogs with iDisk syncing on!
program feed - still in a beta of sorts
awesome. now people can sue for fingerprints getting ALL OVER their iPods.
let's get to the game already. steelers 28 , seahawks 26
it's your idisk, yes? try turning off auto-syncing and see what happens.
if it makes you feel any better, i did a one time shoot for a band and the sound guy send me a terrible feed. (there was a last minute location change because of rain and i didnt have time to do a test). \
re-shoot! among the techniques in final cut, you just have to play around with color correction and brightness/contrast filters. lighting is just like sound--you can improve and tweak in post, but if it's too bad to being with, you really need to re-shoot the bad footage. garbage in->garbage out.
way old news
jesus christ. let's have kids learn things instead of always being entertained.
because $1.99 per episode would be expensive, what about a fee to subscribe to the video podcast, like $10/however often
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