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just 8 months ago? they update iLife every 12 months--pretty common knowledge. it's not like 2006 came out of nowhere.
the beta was out about a week ago. it works pretty well.
adobe cs/2 with automated actions would do the job
i'm getting lots of crashes from it, but i like it
it's great.
wanna feel better? i bought apple stock before the split at $20, and sold at $40, doubling my money. after that, apple stock doubled again from $40, split, and doubled again. i would have been able to buy the sweetest Mac out there, but no. But guess what, it happened and I'm over it.
thanks for the replies. i guess the eMac and its 800Mhz of horsepower just took a while getting the airports dhcp stuff. i left it on for a couple hours and it worked itself out.
eager to get 10.5 and then complain (or listen to complaining) about spending another $129?
Ok I've done my fair share of networking, and had this exact setup working at school yesterday. I have a cable modem plugged into an Airport Extreme, the airport extreme configured for DHCP, and then an ethernet cable going to an eMac, with the eMac configured for DHCP as well. The AE is set to distribute IP addresses using, and my powerbook is connected fine (right now). The eMac, though, keeps generating a bogus IP address using DHCP instead of for...
500GB 7200rpm is not adequate for serious HD editing. if it's simple news pieces we're talking about then that might me fine, but if you want uncompressed HD in realtime with effects, you need RAID and a fibre card and GPU hardware acceleration (not core image stuff) . Believe it or not, Adobe premiere on the PC side has a nice solution with Matrox. Basically, if she's getting and HDV camera (thus, not real HD), final cut is fine and consumer level hard drives are fine....
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