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Well, yes and no.     Lead free solder being more brittle.  No.  That's an elemental function.  Especially if you're talking about Silver.  Silver will provide a higher bond, better conductivity and in most circumstances is less brittle than Lead (Pb) depending on the application.   I have no idea where you're getting the idea of a lead free solder being brittle from, but you should check your sources.   Please enlighten me.  I would appreciate it.
Yea, it's called "silver".  It's another basic element akin to lead, however more conductive.
Yes, and that was forgotten as soon as last quarter....
Read below, all though I may actually be the "fanatic" until you apparently have to deal with a person who has a different phone.  What do you do then?...
While I do like reading your thoughts, I have never seen you post anything that has been scientifically plausible in any aspect.  I'm amazed that you would use that towards me in a rather useless, almost personal, and completely unfounded post.   If you would like to discuss the merits of fanaticism, please let me know.  I may have a few years of knowledge that I could share properly.
  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     "Fanatic" and "Fanatical" redirect here. For other uses, see Fanaticism (disambiguation). The Fanactics of Tangier by Eugène Delacroix, Minneapolis Institute of Arts Fanaticism is a belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal, particularly for a religious or political cause or in some cases sports, or with an obsessive enthusiasm for a pastime or hobby. Philosopher George Santayana defines fanaticism...
On second read, yes.  That's usually where reasonable discussion ends.  Thanks for adding a (1) towards my research.  No, I do not always trust a web site, however in this case it has been proved to be scientifically factual.
Not that you want to hear it but Apple has turned into "the other" brand.  Which actually does mean something.  ..and yes we are teaching the older folks.  
No, probably not.  If you take the fanaticism out of it then it's really not the best handset out there at the moment, so why advertise that you have a subpar product?  Ecosystem wise the iPhone is great, but how many people even know what that means?   The iPad is helping people understand the whole concept of an ecosystem, but the iPhone is falling behind... not perhaps in a realistic way, but a perceived way.   I'm seeing more and more iPads out in public and less and...
Awesome!  :)
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