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This looks like both a planned and a proverbial "F.U." to their partners. First they withdrew the only patent that would effect H.T.C. Personally and are now only running on Google and ASC "I think" patents. Then they continue the suit and move the venue. I'm usually pretty quick, but I don't see what's coming. There is a plan here though. The only thing that does make sense is that they don't have their own operating system. So what ever they are doing is a false...
Good read, but seriously a pretty crazy post size wise? I think a link or two would have done just fine.Tallest, now that everyone's read it? Can you shorten it? It's bigger than the originating article.
I think you missed the point of my post.I was saying I don't believe it. If there's truly 1,000 designers working on phones then their result is pretty pathetic. That's 40,000 man-hours per week (not sure why they're called MAN hours) and from what I've seen of their phones, it just doesn't make any sense.O.k. I looked it up. So MAN hours is what a MAN can accomplish in an hours worth of work. (I know it sounded simple, so i assumed it meant something more than that.)...
I love that!Please say that will be the next iPod mini or even iPod! Awesome, useable and the size is befitting of even a woman's fingers vs. the new nano.Wow! You're posting cool pics like you did before you had to adopt that rather nerdy signature......and it think you were getting at...You can bet there is earlier art than even these pictures imply regarding prototypes.Now I understand all the 'one liners' you keep pumping out.
If this is true I find it incredibly amazing. Did they specify which department they were in? Are those people designing washing machines, refrigerators and t.v.'s or do they have 1,000 literally working on phones? I'm seriously curious.
I agree with the overall assumption of cultural but not in this case. They are American lawyers being paid for council and representation. Any American lawyer should have (and may have), said "We don't do that here."However your second paragraph quoted, it seems like a basic start. I'm only using a basic computer analogy here but when it doesn't start, check the plug. Then check something one the same circuit. Going a long way here but my point is start with the...
Which if I remember right it was Monsanto against some poor guy betting his farm on the lawsuit (and I don't mean poor as in no money). This is two companies that are each worth billions.Also, if you think Samsung is dirty, how about that case you mentioned. Monsanto snuck onto the guys farm, collected seeds, patented them, and then sued the farmer for using them... Ouch! I suppose that's kind of what Samsung is doing....or are you talking about the suit where they...
Also can not purchase TV shows. It says to try again later. I didn't try to purchase a movie or music recently. Oops! Someone beat me to it! However I can not buy a single episode and that was about 30 minutes ago.
So this is a possible reason why the carriers are supposedly "rushing" to implement shared data plans.
I'm not so sure you know what innovation is. I'm not harping on you, but bland, blank statement posts do deserve that question.Yes innovation involves features... Lots and lots of features.
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