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Redundant post. My bad!
That's social generalizing and you know it.Those posters could be 40 and you would never really know.
Mr. DaHarder,I am only using "Mr." due to previous posts.I went to school with people who majored in marketing. That was pretty cool because the things that were apparently studied there were the biggest mistakes. From what I've been told, Coke has the biggest flub in this respect. Would you like to know why?Apparently a long time ago they decided to change Coke. They did a consumer study to people similar to those on this forum. (stretching, but close). Apparently...
The issue you seem to be having is that people do not think in these terms. Last year, this past year, whenever I mentioned LTE to a friend or relative they went into "she's a brainiac mode". No one outside of schooled or self tought people on this subject even know what any of this means. So you know a little... Good for you! Make your choice accordingly.To address your third paragraph, (second quoted, third written). The people who criticize the next phone will be...
Every time I hear someone generalize about a car in person, the statement is so tinged with jealousy it's obvious even to the casual listener. Usually made because the one making the comment can not afford one.Also, I'm far from old and my friends and I call the Cooper Mini "The Clown Car."
Yes. Sounds like you're describing it right. It is very bizarre. Especially for someone who just went from windows to a Mac, and they keep asking "where's my C drive?"
Yes, thank you.  However at this point it will have to wait until morning.  I'll save this spot.
16 hours for what? I don't get it.  What's with ads?   Are you scalping Mountain Lion? Is it taking 16 hours?     How much money could you have made during that time?  Doing something legitimate?   Why would you do such a thing?  It's only $19.99?   I would really like to hear back from you.
OMG.  Is this stuff really still going on?  Apparently, but wide spread?
Awesome movie!  So many cool quotes from that one.
New Posts  All Forums: