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Seriously? I mean seriously?!? They send this out to developers for months. Months! No one uses more than one display? I'm starting to wonder how many people sign up for developer accounts vs. how many people actually test the software. It's great if you're a fan and get this early, but someone please test out the functionality! I'm stewing! So how many people looked at all the release notes and said "I haven't seen that problem.". Because they weren't looking for...
Nope. It gets worse. Four times now the screen saver has bumped displays. So the main display 8/27/11 iMac custom $3,500 moves to the left display, the left display is now on the right display, and the right display is on the main. Every time the screen saver ends... Like hit the mouse. I've rebooted and it still happens. Is this the new "full screen". Actually, it just said it's sending Apple a message. Anyone else see all the new com.apple in Activity Monitor?
I have to admit, I've read a lot from people on this site that say they will never update this, or never update that program. Supposedly because it was broken in its newest form. The most recent update. So wouldn't this "Power Nap" feature be a bad thing for them? ...and honestly, I do like hearing well thought out responses from all of you folks. I'm confused on this. Wouldn't there be more people writhing and moaning about this than say, the non-existent 'Matte'...
I think the "new iPad" had spelling corruption from the start.
OM F'N god. Has anyone tried to use AirPlay mirrored that has more than one native display? Not only is it broken, but it takes ten minutes to get back to where you started! I had high hopes for this!
Honestly, when I watched the Lion presentation I thought most of this was there. Obviously I was wrong. It seems to work great so far, but also seems to lack some of the basic features. At least the ones that should have been included in this release... It took me a bit to notice the Spring board change, as I was looking for overall changes. But to follow Tallest who posted this earlier, it has changed. Rounded rectangle.
Is the mini still at the point where the base model can not have quad core?It would be funny if the new phone had quad core but the mini didn't. Wouldn't it? Maybe that's just funny to me..,.
No my friend, if the government actually wanted money, (and I'm not saying we're not bankrupt) they could give apple a small tax break to bring their money back to the states. Last I read it would be quite a bit more, even with a break, than they could ever get from this type of litigation.
Actually, I'll quote myself before I get lambasted. When you ask a publisher "Can we just do an e-print?". You get an answer, which must be like Siri because no matter which publisher you're speaking with you get this response... "well, one form follows the other. If it does well in print, it should do well electronically. We can discuss those terms once it gets to that level."
I was well well aware of that. After all you did quote it. However, you posted it in response to a post about the U.S. government. That's the reason I posted.Actually, I almost made another post apologizing once I saw your 'nic', so to speak. I've read a lot of you posts and you have great insite and views.Thank you for responding!
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