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Sometimes I tap on the ads for iStuff. Like cases and such for example. I always wonder why this site predominantly features ads for android devices. I've only tapped on them occasionally, and mostly just to learn, no intent to purchase anything.
Maybe they are accounting for Apple TV? It does run a version of iOS. As someone stated above, measure the entire platform. I'm not sure I'd subscribe to that theory though and I'm just throwing it out there.
Undeserving of your name, I have since labeled you a troll.I could post quite a few examples, but I'll leave that to the more savvy people on this forum.However, I would like to point out to everyone who says "Notification Center", please take a look at androids use of 'folders'.So maybe they "borrowed" from each other. So what will Apple do when the 'reckoning' comes on 'Notification Center'? Pull out the angelic 'folders' card? That should be a good read...
Actually this is apparently another service that's going to have an associated fee, probably. If not directly, then indirectly, through the carriers. How is Apple's "app" going to take care of this?I seem to remember, short term memory, that apple keeps trying to work with carriers on this. They have to WORK with the carriers to allow this. Sprint is giving the 'go ahead' so to speak. Against the grain. So why is Sprints profit move "madness"?
No wonder why their stock price has increased 40% since December. Keep going sprint! Bought 5k shares back then! Buck the trend and compete against the AT&T/Verizon duopoly!
This is a cool feature. So will it play on multiple remote speakers? Meaning the ones connected to the hard wired speakers and also an express or two? Anyone know why the iPad can not AirPlay audio to multiple sources, like say the apple tv and two expresses? Is it hardware related or is it just not implemented yet?
I really, really hope this comes true! I'm not fond of the current one and hanging onto my previous gen/design with all hopes that it lasts forever!
I'm just curious, but when was the last time you were starving but didn't have enough money to buy food?You didn't ask to be born, but I bet you like to eat food every now and then dont you?You know, this week... Maybe next week?
Yes, absolutely!I was thinking too far ahead.
I don't think this is against Apple, but I think it's some kind of move to the new identifier in iOS 6. However, as the person above this pointed out it, the new identifier wouldn't really have much to do with betas yet. That's a future thing I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: